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Don’t Waste Your Time (or Money) on Ineffective Enzyme Treatments for Pet Urine

Don’t Waste Your Time (or Money) on Ineffective Enzyme Treatments for Pet Urine

Some carpet cleaning services still use the old way to clean pet urine from carpet. The old way of treating pet urine in carpet involved utilizing pet enzymes that are designed to break down the bacteria in urine. The problem with using an enzyme to treat the urine is more often than not the enzyme isn’t being utilized correctly.

Your Average Carpet Cleaner Is Using Enzymes Wrong

What do I mean by that? Simply, enzymes take a lot of time to actually work. To properly utilize an enzyme to treat urine, the carpet cleaner would need to treat the urine the day before your appointment and leave it to dwell. Then the carpet cleaner would need to come back the next day to extract it. But guess what? A vast majority of carpet cleaners don’t do this, they just spray and pray.

Our Pet Urine Treatments Actually Work

While other carpet cleaners use enzymes and basic deodorizers, we harness the power of science. We eliminate the Ammonia smell in urine by converting the Ammonia into Ammonium and by treating the bacteria in the urine through a special blend of h202. No other pet treatment on the market will eliminate the inorganic ammonia smell, the organic bacteria, and the yellow urine staining in a matter of seconds. Not days, but seconds!

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Are You Allergic To Your Home?

Are You Allergic To Your Home? 

6 Things That You Need To Be Cleaning

Do you find yourself coughing, sneezing, or with watery eyes indoors? Is it like the only time you get relief is when you go outside?

Everyday living and pets can cause poor indoor air quality problems like dust, mold, and dander which agitate your allergies. If you find yourself sneezing all the time, here are some things that need to be on your cleaning checklist to improve the air quality in your home.

1) Air Duct Cleaning

For a healthier home we always recommend having your Air Ducts cleaned on an annual basis. This helps keep the dead skin cells, dust mites, and other contaminants from continuing to circulate throughout your home. We have also found that keeping your Air Ducts cleaned keeps your carpets cleaner longer and avoids those nasty air filtration soiling marks that could ruin your carpet. Not only will cleaning your air ducts reduce the allergens in the air, it will also extend the life of your A/C System, as a reported 90% of system failure is due to dust. 

2) Carpet Cleaning

Having your carpet professionally steam cleaned at a minimum of 2 times per year dramatically reduces the allergens in your home. The steam is a dust mite killer and the power of a truck mounted steam cleaner will remove the soiling that your vacuum misses. The carpet in your home is the largest filter you have protecting you from allergens entering the air, I recommend cleaning your carpet every 3 months to ensure the filter is always clean. In between cleanings we recommend you vacuum 1-2 times per week with an asthma and allergy certified vacuum. Other vacuums tend to exhaust dust back into the air vs remove it, having a quality vacuum in your home is crucial. 

3) Tile and Grout Cleaning

Harmful bacteria can live and thrive on tile and grout. Having your tile and grout cleaned not only sanitizes the surface but also eliminates the residues from your floors that lead to poor indoor air quality. A huge benefit to professional tile and grout cleaning is how 1 clean can make your home not only look cleaner and brighter but actually be cleaner and brighter.


4) Upholstery Cleaning

Dust, Dander, and other contaminates like old food spills or vomit tend to land right where we sit and watch tv. Cleaning your upholstery on a regular basis helps to limit the amount of dust and other contaminates in the air but also in one of the places we regularly lounge in. Vacuuming your draperies will also help reduce the amount of dust that floats through the room.


5) Area Rug Cleaning

Rugs are amazing at hiding dirt. If you have ever seen a rug beaten or dusted you would see all the dust just floating in the air. Having your rugs professionally cleaned helps remove the dust and dry soiling that vacuuming alone just doesn’t get. Area rugs are very much like your carpet in that they are filters for your homes indoor air quality. They can get clogged up with dry soiling and dust mites however and should be cleaned once a year.


6) Mattress Cleaning

Did you know mattresses weigh more after years of use than when you buy them brand new? The reason why is because dead skin cells and dust mites collect on the surfaces of mattresses overtime causing the weight of the mattress to increase. In fact a mattress will double its weight on average in a period of 10 years. To maintain the health of your mattress we recommend annually steam cleaning and using allergy approved mattress protectors on your mattress. 

Defeat Allergens Once And For All

By cleaning the above 6 things you are going to be dramatically improving your indoor air quality and providing your family a healthy home to enjoy. We want to be your partner in cleaning by creating a unique plan that will provide your home with consistent maintenance.

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Can You Get Pee Out Of A Mattress?

There are many variations in mattress types from Tempur-Pedic to your standard pillow top. One thing these mattresses have in common is accidents happen and somehow urine ends up on them. I know, gross right? No one wants to lay down next to a urine smell. Good news, you don’t have to!

At UpFront Home Services we kick the piss out of urine! Regardless of your mattress type we can get the smell of urine out. Through the use of a disinfectant with odor neutralizing qualities as well as an oxidizing agent we can not only get the smell out but often times the stain too.

We start with an application of pre-treatment where we spray the entire mattress and focus in on specific spots. We then steam clean and extract the mattress and follow this with a mist of our unique oxidizing agent. The results are phenomenal! We’ve had success not only with urine, but also with vomit, blood, and fecal matter as well. We have seen a lot, and you can pretty much be guaranteed that we have heard most of the problems out there before too.

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Mattress Cleaning Service – What To Look For When Cleaning Your Mattress

Houston and Katy’s Best Mattress Cleaning Service

There are a lot of companies out there that claim to do Mattress Cleaning. All actuality there are only a handful of companies that provide a true Mattress Cleaning Service. When having your mattress cleaned it’s important to ask the following questions.

Mattress Urine Stain Removal

Can you remove Urine Stains? Mattress Cleaning should involve treating the urine stains when present with a Urine Stain Removal Treatment. Once treated the Mattress should then be cleaned and post treated to ensure maximum stain removal.

Mattress Odor Removal

Do you treat for the odor? Some companies offer just topical treatments or an enzyme for Mattress Cleaning. We recommend our Kill Odor Plus Package which involves an Acidic Pre-Treatment that is designed to break down the urine salts, Kill the odor, and leave a fragrance behind to continue working once we leave.

Mattress Steam Cleaning

Does your service use Truck Mount Steam Cleaning? If the answer to this question is anything but yes we Truck Mount steam clean mattresses then hang up the phone. You need to hit water to properly clean a mattress and smaller equipment just simply won’t do the job.

Why Use UpFront Home Services For Mattress Cleaning?

We like to say that “it matters who does the job”. This means that price is irrelevant if you don’t get a good quality service technician to perform the work. We pay our service technicians very well so that we have next to zero turn over. What this means for you is that you will always have a knowledgeable and skilled professional servicing your home.

Should I Hire A Mattress Cleaning Service?

Should I Hire A Mattress Cleaning Service?

Has this ever happened to you? You’re toddler wakes up in the middle of the night crying, soaking wet, and just covered in the smell of urine. If so, I bet you thought about having your Mattress Cleaned then. And to answer the question of whether you should hire a Mattress Cleaning Service if this happened to you, yes, yes you should.

You see, we have all been faced with yucky situations with no clue of where to start. But when it comes to your mattress, do you really want to sleep on a bed that smells like urine? I know I don’t and I’m sure you feel the same way too.

It’s not always urine soaked situations that we handle when cleaning a mattress. We also clean up wine spills and vomit too. Flu season is rough and no one wants to sleep on a mattress that smells like vomit.

I know, you’re probably thinking that you can clean the mattress yourself with the little Rug Doctor you got from Grocery store. Does your Rug Doctor heat up to 220 degrees? Does your Rug Doctor thoroughly rinse and dry your mattress well enough so you can sleep on it that night? Sure, you could half do Cleaning your mattress yourself, but why would you want to treat such a glorious thing like a bed that way?

Hiring a Mattress Cleaning Service is an awesome way to thank your bed for many years of service. How are you thanking your bed though? By removing the years of dust, dirt, and skin cells. Honestly, the dead skin cells bit is in my mind a little worse than urine on a bed. If you want to keep your mattress, get it cleaned every once in awhile not just when you have an accident.

Bonus Tip: Invest In A Mattress Protector. I’ve had my toddler absolutely decimate my mattress Protector, but it never gets past the Protector. Best. Investment. Ever.

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