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Don’t Waste Your Time (or Money) on Ineffective Enzyme Treatments for Pet Urine

Some carpet cleaning services still use the old way to clean pet urine from carpet. The old way of treating pet urine in carpet involved utilizing pet enzymes that are designed to break down the bacteria in urine. The problem with using an enzyme to treat the urine is more often than not the enzyme isn’t being utilized correctly.

Your Average Carpet Cleaner Is Using Enzymes Wrong

What do I mean by that? Simply, enzymes take a lot of time to actually work. To properly utilize an enzyme to treat urine, the carpet cleaner would need to treat the urine the day before your appointment and leave it to dwell. Then the carpet cleaner would need to come back the next day to extract it. But guess what? A vast majority of carpet cleaners don’t do this, they just spray and pray.

Our Pet Urine Treatments Actually Work

While other carpet cleaners use enzymes and basic deodorizers, we harness the power of science. We eliminate the Ammonia smell in urine by converting the Ammonia into Ammonium and by treating the bacteria in the urine through a special blend of h202. No other pet treatment on the market will eliminate the inorganic ammonia smell, the organic bacteria, and the yellow urine staining in a matter of seconds. Not days, but seconds!

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