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Mattress Cleaning Service – What To Look For When Cleaning Your Mattress

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There are a lot of companies out there that claim to do Mattress Cleaning. All actuality there are only a handful of companies that provide a true Mattress Cleaning Service. When having your mattress cleaned it’s important to ask the following questions.

Mattress Urine Stain Removal

Can you remove Urine Stains? Mattress Cleaning should involve treating the urine stains when present with a Urine Stain Removal Treatment. Once treated the Mattress should then be cleaned and post treated to ensure maximum stain removal.

Mattress Odor Removal

Do you treat for the odor? Some companies offer just topical treatments or an enzyme for Mattress Cleaning. We recommend our Kill Odor Plus Package which involves an Acidic Pre-Treatment that is designed to break down the urine salts, Kill the odor, and leave a fragrance behind to continue working once we leave.

Mattress Steam Cleaning

Does your service use Truck Mount Steam Cleaning? If the answer to this question is anything but yes we Truck Mount steam clean mattresses then hang up the phone. You need to hit water to properly clean a mattress and smaller equipment just simply won’t do the job.

Why Use UpFront Home Services For Mattress Cleaning?

We like to say that “it matters who does the job”. This means that price is irrelevant if you don’t get a good quality service technician to perform the work. We pay our service technicians very well so that we have next to zero turn over. What this means for you is that you will always have a knowledgeable and skilled professional servicing your home.

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