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Take Care Of Your Home So Your Home Takes Care Of Your Family

Breathe A Little Easier

Allergies Bothering You? Breathe A Little Easier With Air Duct Cleaning!

“50% Of All Illnesses Are Either Caused By Or Aggravated By Polluted Indoor Air.”

-American College Of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology

We can restore, maintain, and clean your heating systems, AC, vents and air ducts in Katy, to keep your home healthy for your family.

With UpFront’s air duct cleaning including vents, heating, and AC cleanup, our professionals have the skills and knowledge to properly clean your ducts.

  • We use contact cleaning with powerful suction to remove harmful bacteria, dust, pet dander, pollen, dust mites, and many other contaminants from your air ducts.
  • Reduce the allergens in your air and help reduce the affects of allergies, asthma, migraines, and other respiratory issues.
  • Lower your electric bill by removing potential blockages in your air ducts.
  • Enjoy a healthier and cleaner home with improved indoor air quality.

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See the Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning for Yourself!

A Healthier Like New Home

Did you know? Indoor air is found to be 70 times more polluted than outdoor air.

Your home is only surface clean, until you’ve cleaned out airborne contaminants. There are millions of tiny, but nasty critters that may be lurking inside the ductwork of your home’s heating and cooling system.

Most people look down at their floors and see their floors as being dirty so they clean the carpet, the tile and grout, and the hardwood floors.

But why do your floors get dirty? A big part of the reason your floors get dirty is your home’s ductwork is recirculating the dirt and dust back onto the floors and recreating the dirt all over again.

Have you ever noticed the black line going around your baseboard’s edge? Or the dark line that can appear in front of a door that is regularly closed? This is called filtration soiling and it is a sign that you need to have your air ducts cleaned.

Our All-Inclusive Air Duct Cleaning Process

Click the steps below to see how UpFront Home Services goes above and beyond with your Katy Air Duct Cleaning – giving you a healthier like new home!

Step 1: Pre-Inspection

Technicians will walk through and do a final vent count and look for any irregularities or potential job issues prior to starting.

Step 2: Removal Of Registers

Each individual register is removed to prepare for the cleaning of the supply vents.

Step 3: Property Protection

Before cleaning each vent we will place our ladders on blankets to help protect the work area below and will cover areas as needed from any dust and debris. Our containment boxes however do an excellent job at keeping debris at a minimum.

Step 4: Air Duct Cleaning

Each supply vent is then cleaned with our cyclonic vacuum and the blasting power of compressed air.  As the dust is agitated the our cyclonic vacuum unit will suck up the dust and debris back through a hepa filtered container.

Step 5: Vent Cover Cleaning

Vent covers will be cleaned by hand to remove any debris and spots. Some vents may require additional attention such as steam cleaning or even painting, this is available at an additional cost.

Step 6: Reinstallation Of Vent Covers

We will reinstall the vent covers after completion of the air duct cleaning.

Step 7: Post Job Clean Up

Any debris that fall usually end up on the blankets that we use for property protection We will make sure to vacuum any remaining debris that the blankets may not have caught. Our process is very clean as the debris are generally kept contained by the cleaning box.


5-Star Rated Air Duct Cleaning In Katy, TX

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out our reviews and see what our clients have to say about our air duct cleaning in Katy, TX and the surrounding areas.

Our Promise:

If you are not absolutely thrilled with any of our services, we will return at no charge to make you happy. Simple as that. Please notify us of any issues within 24 hours of your cleaning and we will work hard to correct them.

  • We will wear a mask when servicing your home
  • We are disinfecting our tools, hoses, and equipment in between every service appointment
  • We are offering no-contact service
  • We are exercising social distancing and adhering to CDC best practices regarding sick employees
Angi Super Service Award 2020
Air Duct Cleaning Before and After
Air Duct Cleaning Before and After
Air Duct Cleaning Process
Air Duct Cleaning Process

Air Duct Cleaning Results That Achieve a Healthier Home

An Unhealthy Home That Is Invisible To You

Providing residential duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning, Upfront Homer Services is an industry leader. Our goal is to create an indoor environment that is cleaner, healthier, and more energy-efficient. A full-service air duct cleaning company, Upfront Home Services offers a variety of services. We offer residential air duct cleaning by technicians who have at least five years’ experience.

All our work is guaranteed, and we are bonded and insured. If you are interested in air duct cleaning, don’t waste time. Get in touch with us today and we’ll get started right away.


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