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What Makes Us Houston and Katy’s Best Carpet Cleaning Service?

What Makes Us Houston and Katy’s Best Carpet Cleaning Service?


I know, you’ve called a million carpet cleaners to ask about the one thing that everyone asks. “How Much is it to clean my carpet?” Getting hung up solely on price is an easy thing to do. It’s why we buy goods made in China vs the U.S.A. Price is why some skip on organic foods and buy non organic foods. We all know that price isn’t the only factor but it’s what we use when we don’t have all of the relevant data.

Here’s What Makes Us Houston and Katy’s Best Carpet Cleaning Service

Green Carpet Cleaning Katy TX

Our Carpet Cleaning Company provides Green Carpet Cleaning Pre-Treatments vs Butyl based carcinogens. Most Carpet Cleaners simply don’t care about the products they use in your home. I mean they are only there for a couple hours, but you have to live with whatever it is that they decide to use in your home.

Our belief is that by using the best quality cleaning chemicals it’s not only healthy for the consumer but our technicians as well. There  are quite a few carpet cleaners out there that are suffering from lung cancer into their golden years. Why? Because they are constantly breathing the low quality products that they are applying in homes. Some carpet cleaners simply don’t charge enough to purchase the safer cleaning products. They charge less than other cleaners but they are also using the worst products in your home.

High Quality Carpet Cleaning Equipment

I know, the last thing on your mind is what kind of carpet cleaning equipment will be used in your home. Believe me when I say it truly matters. Yes, you can clean very well with a lesser machine, but the lower quality of the machine means that you will need a higher quality technician to balance it out.

At UpFront Home Services we have invested in the highest quality of equipment available. The Average cost of one of our Carpet Cleaning units is $70k. That’s a significant investment in the quality of clean you will get in your home. Most cleaners simply don’t charge an appropriate amount to purchase the right equipment to clean your carpet.

Exceptionally Trained and Knowledgeable Carpet Cleaning Technicians

It Matters Who Cleans Your Carpet! Not just anybody can clean carpet, although it seems that way sometimes. It takes a person that is detail oriented, well trained, and willing to do a good job. If a carpet cleaning service is charging an unbelievably low price, you can rest assured that they are paying their workers an unbelievably low wage too.

If you are being grossly underpaid at your job, would you want to do the best job possible? In most case most people will say of course not. The same applies to a carpet cleaning technician that is being so underpaid he just wants to get in and out.

At UpFront Home Services we pay an actual living wage to our experienced technicians. We aren’t the cheapest company around, but we have next to zero turnover. What’s the mean for you? It means you will always have a knowledgeable carpet cleaning technician in your home.

A Strong Guarantee

We back each and every one of our Carpet cleanings with a re-clean Guarantee and a money back Guarantee. That means if you have an issue we will come out and fix it. If we can’t make you happy, we will refund your money. Its really that simple.

With other cleaners they may have some type of guarantee, but will they really follow through with it? I see it all the time where other companies just stop answering their clients altogether if there’s a problem. 

We Are The Highest Rated and Most Review Carpet Cleaning Company in Houston and Katy

Quite simply we are really good at what we do. Most of our customers cite our reviews or a referral source for why they are using us. The other guys just simply can’t compete with us.

Fun Facts About Houston and Katy

  • People in Houston eat out more times a week than in any other city in America.
  • Houston has one of the best culinary scenes in the country.
  • The city of Houston Has The largest medical center in the world.
  • Houston is the fourth most populous city in the U.S.
  • Katy is names after the “K-T Railroad” That rose through Katy in the 1800’s
  • The city of Katy is one of the best places to retire
  • Katy is spread across three counties

How To Keep Your Carpet Cleaner Longer

How To Keep Your Carpet Cleaner Longer

Carpet is expensive. Some people think that carpet is inexpensive and doesn’t have any really value, that’s simply not true. Whether you like it or hate it, Carpet is a significant investment in every home. The average cost to replace a single room of carpet is between $300-$750 depending on the materials and angles. 

How do you keep your carpet cleaner longer?

It’s all in consistent and regular maintenance. This means that you should vacuum at least 1-2 times per week. I know it sounds like a lot (it is) but consistent vacuuming keeps dirt off of the surface. By removing surface dirt the carpet won’t abrade as quickly. Fiber abrasion happens when you walk on soiled carpet over and over and it essentially scratches the carpet fiber. Once the fiber is scratched or abraded it begins to reflect the light differently. The difference in the reflection of light is known as traffic lane wear.

What is Traffic Lane Wear?

Traffic lane wear is when your carpet begins to show darkness in the Traffic Lanes that even with Cleaning it never goes back to its original tone. All carpets will do this at some point but consistent maintenance will keep your carpet from going from white to a dark brown tone.

Regular Carpet Cleaning

Just like going to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned, your carpet needs annual and sometimes semiannual cleaning. If you keep up with regularly cleaning your carpet and applying stain protector your carpet will stay cleaner longer. 

Why Use UpFront Home Services?

We are the Most Inclusive Carpet Cleaning Service in the Entire Houston and Katy Area. No one includes everything we include at such a phenomenal price. If you have pets, you will love that we include our Pet Enzyme Treatment At No Extra Charge! Do you have spots or spills? We include Pre-Treatment of the entire carpet. There are a lot of companies that will suck you in with a low price only for yo ito find out that everything is more.

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Does Cleaning Carpet Ruin It?

Does Cleaning Your Carpet Ruin It?

Absolutely… NOT! This is so far off base it’s honestly not even funny. Some consumers believe that vacuuming alone is the trick to having clean carpet and that having your carpet professionally cleaned will ruin it. While, Vacuuming does play a big role in the life of your carpet, it still needs regular cleaning. Have your carpet cleaning done at least 2-3 times per year. Through regular cleaning you will be able to fend off replacement. Remember to always apply Carpet Stain Protector after each cleaning.

Why Use UpFront Home Services For Carpet Cleaning?


At UpFront Home Services we provide Houston and Katy with the most inclusive Carpet Cleaning Service imaginable. Do you have mild Pet Odors? We include our Pet Enzyme Treatment standard. Spots and Stains? We Include a pre-treatment for this standard. Do you need to have some items of furniture moved? We include moving of small items at no extra cost. No sales games, just quality a quality carpet cleaning service.

Carpet Cleaning – What You Need To Ask Before You Hire


Hiring a carpet cleaning company can be absolutely terrifying and anxiety inducing. You’re essentially inviting a stranger into your home with little or no knowledge of their background. This is especially true when you hire an owner operator (the guy that does the work, answers the phone, and pays the bills). A lot of self employed Carpet Cleaners are in the industry because it is simply left unregulated and non-licensed. To insure that you get a good quality professional in your home here is what you need to ask!

Carpet Cleaning – Here’s What You Need To Ask Before You Hire

Is It A Subcontractor, Employee, or Are You Coming To Do The Cleaning?

This question is HUGE! Why? Because if you don’t want a subcontractor in your home. The reason why you want an employee over a subcontractor is because of the added layer of protection knowing the company is responsible for their employees. Subcontractors however are responsible for their own work, and most subcontractors simply can’t afford insurance.

Are You Insured?

This question is especially relevant to companies with employees and owner operators. Never hire a company that doesn’t carry business insurance. Accident happen and you could be left holding the bag on a costly blunder.

Are Your Workers Background Checked?

When you’re hiring a carpet cleaning service it’s easy to forget to ask if their workers are background checked. This however is extremely important. You don’t want the worst of the worst in your home, this is why hiring a real company vs the guy on the sign is a no brainer.


What Type Of Equipment Do You Use?

There are a ton of carpet cleaners out there that use floor buffers or portable equipment. But, You want Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning. Anything other than Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning is just not the best cleaning you can get in your home. That said not all truck mount units are made the same. I recommend asking what Brand of equipment they have. You want a carpet cleaner that is using a Sapphire Scientific, Pro-Chem, Butler, or Hydramaster Unit. Why? Because these truck mounted units are manufactured and engineered to outperform all other clean units on the market.

Do You Use Organic Carpet Cleaning Chemicals?

Society has gone green, and your carpet cleaner should be using green cleaning products in your home too. Some carpet cleaning companies will use the harshest cleaners to clean the carpet, but why? A lot of times its to make up for the poor quality equipment they use, and others is because it is cheaper. It’s important that you hire a carpet cleaner that chooses the best products and not just the cheapest products in your home.


What’s Included In Your Pricing?

There are a lot of companies that charge next to nothing to clean carpet. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. What happens is these companies get in the door and sell you all the extras that are not included in the price they quoted on the phone. A good carpet cleaning service will include treatments for spots, stains, traffic lanes, deodorizer, and even disinfectant. Some specialty stains like ink and urine may be extra but it’s important to ask what is and isn’t included.

Why Use UpFront Home Services?

At UpFront Home Services we provide Professional Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Services In Katy and the entire Houston area! Check out our Carpet Cleaning Service Here

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UpFront Home Services

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5 Things To Do Before You Put Your Home On The Market

There are so many things to do when even thinking about putting your home on the market. De-cluttering is huge! But cleaning is a much bigger deal than so many of the other projects out there.

Here are 5 Things To Do Before You Put Your Home On The Market

Carpet Cleaning

I always recommend having the carpet cleaned prior to putting your home on the market. A clean and fresh smelling carpet will help your home sell faster and potential prevent the need to give a carpet allowance. At a minimum having the carpet cleaned beforehand will help present your home in a better light. 

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Removing the dirt and build up from your tile and grout with a thorough cleaning helps to brighten your home. A lot of sellers miss this crucial detail when they begin to consider selling their home. Presenting your home with the absolute cleanest tile and grout will go a long way with potential buyers. The kitchen and master bathroom are the areas that buyers pay the most attention to, be sure to spruce up these areas as much as possible prior to selling.

Shower Cleaning and Caulking

I’ve seen many buyers turned off by a dirty shower. Let’s face it, soap scum, Mildew, and dirty grout happen. Having your Shower Tile and Grout Professionally Steam Cleaned and the Shower Re-Caulked is shockingly important to potential buyers. Don’t let your shower kill the sale of your home.

Carpet Stretching and Repair

Overtime wrinkles and rips in your carpet can happen. Having these wrinkles and rips fixed prior to putting your home on the market can save a potential carpet replacement or allowance to a buyer. Most buyers want to have a move in ready home vs a fixer upper. Having the little details in your home taken care of Before you put your home on the market will go a long way in selling your home quickly.

Pressure Washing

A dirty driveway, entrance, patio, or even mold and mildew on and around your home can substantially affect anyone even wanting to go view your home. Be sure to have these areas professionally pressure washed so that the curb appeal of your home is the absolute best it can possibly be.

At UpFront Home Services we offer Carpet Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Shower Cleaning and Caulking, Carpet Stretching and Repair, and Pressure Washing. We are the make it ready experts! 

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Why do we love Katy? It’s all of the entertainment and great restaurants. It’s easy to drive places and you have Katy Mills Mall to enjoy a little shopping and get great prices. With it being so close to Texas A&M we also get to service a lot of our fellow Aggies. We service the entire Houston area. Want to learn more about the City of Katy Click Here

Everyone Says Truck Mount Steam Cleaning… But What Exactly Is It?

You have probably heard from a friend or in your research of Carpet Cleaning companies, that you should hire a Truck Mount Carpet Cleaner. The word Truck Mount is actually exceptionally vague as to what exactly it is.

What Is A Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Machine?

A Truck Mount is anything that can be mounted in a Cargo Van and hoses ran from the van inside your home. I have seen some cleaners mount their portable machines in the van and call it a Truck Mount. In this sense it’s very important to know exactly what kind of unit the carpet cleaner has and what it is capable of doing.

In my mind a Truck Mount should be able to produce 220 degrees of heat to properly clean the carpet. It should also have a powerful vacuum and large gas powered engine. Some cleaners will pass of lesser equipment as being “good enough” or the “best in the world” but they never truly made the investment in really good Carpet Cleaning Equipment.

What Does UpFront Home Services Use?

Our Truck Mounts are true Truck Mounts in that we have invested in equipment that will clean at 220 degrees, properly extract the dirty water, and have extremely powerful engines.

In fact our CDS -Xdrive is the only one of its kind in Texas! Why is that? Because we made a significant investment in the future of our company and the quality of the cleaning our customers receive. Our other units are made by Sapphire Scientific and they are top quality 220 degree steam cleaning monsters. You can rest assured that the quality of our equipment is the absolute best for cleaning your homes textiles.

At UpFront Home Services we provide Professional Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Services In Katy and the entire Houston area! Check out our Carpet Cleaning Service Here

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UpFront Home Services

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Why do we love Katy? Because of quality education. The Katy Independent School District is one of the best school districts in the entire state of Texas. We don’t only service Katy but we also service the entire Houston area. Want to learn more about the City of Katy Click Here

Meet Shirley… The Reason I Clean My Carpet Every 3 Months

Meet Shirley. Shirley is a feisty and loving little Shitzu. My toddler loves Shirley. My wife loves Shirley. I love Shirley.

What I don’t love is that she has the blaster the size of a peanut. I have to constantly let her out and go on walks with her to try to prevent the inevitable “accident” at least that’s what Shirley calls it… I call it her being jealous that we have bathrooms and she doesn’t have one. No she’s sent into the elements to use her “bathroom”… I can’t say I blame her with how wet and cold it’s been lately.

Perhaps winter is simply the time of year that “accidents” happen. Either way we clean the carpet at our house every 3 months to keep it smelling and looking it’s freshest. Yes, I even use the same enzymes and pet treatments in my home that we use in yours. In fact, there isn’t a product on our trucks that hasn’t been tested and Shirley approved.

Why is that? I believe that it’s my responsibility to know how effective a product truly is and to never use our customers as a guinea pig.

We offer a FREE Pet Enzyme Treatment as an option for Pet Odors and Stains. We also have our Kill Odor Plus Treatment for a more aggressive Pet Odor Treatment.

Have your Carpet Cleaned this week and I’ll give you a discount of $20 off our 3 Room Special if you mention Shirley when you schedule!

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2018 Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner

UpFront Home Services Earns 2018 Angie’s List Super Service Award

Award reflects company’s consistently high level of customer service

Katy, TX of 22518 Belmont Cove Lane, 1/20/19 – UpFront Home Services is proud to announce that it has earned the home service industry’s coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award (SSA). This award honors service professionals who have maintained exceptional service ratings and reviews on Angie’s List in 2018.

“Service pros that receive our Angie’s List Super Service Award represent the best  in our network, who are consistently making great customer service their mission,” said Angie’s List Founder Angie Hicks. “These pros have provided exceptional service to our members and absolutely deserve recognition for the exemplary customer service they exhibited in the past year.”

Angie’s List Super Service Award 2018 winners have met strict eligibility requirements, which include maintaining an “A” rating in overall grade, recent grade and review period grade. The SSA winners must be in good standing with Angie’s List and undergo additional screening.

“We are humbled and honored to have received this prestigious award once again. It means a lot to us to be consistently ranked as one of the best cleaning services in Houston.” said Joseph Pais Owner of UpFront Home Services.

UpFront Home Services has been listed on Angie’s List since 2013. This is the 6th year UpFront Home Services has received this honor.

Service company ratings are updated continually on Angie’s List as new, verified consumer reviews are submitted. Companies are graded on an A through F scale in multiple fields ranging from price to professionalism to punctuality.

For over two decades Angie’s List has been a trusted name for connecting consumers to top-rated service professionals. Angie’s List provides unique tools and support designed to improve the local service experience for both consumers and service professionals.

Are Carpets Bad For Your Allergies?

I am often asked “Are Carpets Bad For Your Allergies?” The answer is Carpets are great for your allergies. Carpet is your homes largest filter, it holds the particles that would otherwise be in the air. So like your AC your Carpet needs to be maintained through regular steam cleaning. 

Swedish Study On Carpet Usage and Allergies

This is a study that debunks the claims in Sweden that Carpet causes allergic reactions in some people. By the year 1992 the amount of carpet decreased to about 2% but as you can see the amount of allergic reactions increased tremendously as the amount of carpet decreased. 

Should You Remove Your Carpet?

I’ve heard many a Doctor argue for removal of Carpet if you are an allergy sufferer. The Doctor pitching removal of the carpet would be wrong to make this recommendation. There is simply no scientific study that proves that Carpet is somehow associated with allergies and asthma. In fact there are studies that prove that no relationship exists between allergies and having Carpet other than that it’s better for you to have carpet than not have it.

Keep Your Carpet Clean!

If you’re an Allergy or Asthma sufferer it’s important to keep your carpet clean. I recommend vacuuming weekly and steam cleaning your carpet every 3 months. When cleaning your carpet I highly recommend using a cleaner that offers Fragrance Free Cleaning that uses botanical ingredients. Having your carpet cleaning done with organic cleaning products is especially important when you are an Allergy or Asthma sufferer. Why? Because carpet cleaning products used by low price or franchise carpet cleaners are typically riddled with Butyl and Fragrances. These types of products tend to cause allergies and asthma to flair up.

Why Use UpFront Home Services To Clean Your Carpet?

At UpFront Home Services we use Organic and Green Carpet Cleaning products to clean your homes Carpets and Rugs. Other cleaners skimp on quality products because they simply don’t want or can’t afford to spend more money for specialty products. 

At UpFront Home Services we provide Professional Steam Cleaning Services In Katy and the entire Houston area! Check out our Carpet Cleaning Service Here

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UpFront Home Services

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Why do love Katy? Because of Pappa Gyros! We LOVE Pappa Gyros Italian Beef Sandwich! They have the absolute best Greek in Katy and possibly Houston (according to yelp they are amongst the top 100 restaurants in America)… We service the entire Houston area. Want to learn more about the City of Katy Click Here

We were Voted Best of Katy For Carpet Cleaning For 2018!

Voted Best Of Katy For Carpet Cleaning 2018

Press Release


Upfront Home Services Receives 2018 Best of Katy Award

Katy Award Program Honors the Achievement

KATY October 21, 2018 — Upfront Home Services has been selected for the 2018 Best of Katy Award in the Carpet Cleaners category by the Katy Award Program.

Each year, the Katy Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Katy area a great place to live, work and play.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2018 Katy Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Katy Award Program and data provided by third parties.

About Katy Award Program

The Katy Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Katy area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.

The Katy Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to recognize the small business community’s contributions to the U.S. economy.

SOURCE: Katy Award Program