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Tile and Grout Cleaning Service – The Difference Between Hiring a Franchise and a Grout Cleaning Specialist

Tile and Grout Cleaning Katy TX

The Difference Between Hiring a Franchise and a Grout Cleaning Specialist

So you opened your mail box and got a flyer or valpak in the mail that advertises Tile and Grout Cleaning service. Almost always its a local franchise advertising a price for Tile and Grout Cleaning Service at “special price”. What they aren’t saying in their ad is what they are and aren’t including in their pricing.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Service Steps and Chemistry

Typically what I see more often than not is the advertising of a 2 step process. What’s included in these 2 steps is 1) Alkaline Pre-Treatment and 2) Steam Cleaning. That’s all fine if you’re grout doesn’t need restoration. Unfortunately a majority of grout stains require extra treatment with an Acid to remove them. The local franchises simply don’t include using Acid in their Tile and Grout Cleaning Service pricing and will charge double to use Acid on your floors. Some Franchise technicians can’t even recognize what is a natural stone floor and a man made surface. Believe me when I say that being able to determine what is safe to use certain chemistry on is exceptionally important as to not ruin the floors you are having cleaned.

Property Protection

An important aspect to any Tile and Grout Cleaning service is Property Protection. A Grout Cleaning specialist will use moving blankets, corner guards, runner rugs, and other forms of protectors for your home. It’s really easy to get cleaning chemicals onto wood. Poor quality cleaners can leave a haze or scratch corners with hoses. In fact, most franchise operations don’t provide their technicians with property protectors because it slows down their technicians. Hiring a service that cares not only about your floors, but your home as well is important so that you have a good experience vs a nightmare cleaning.

Grout Sealing

The local franchises charge extra for Grout Sealing. This add on is especially important when you factor in the long term health of your Tile and Grout. If you start to factor in the cost to have your Tile and Grout Cleaning performed by a franchise vs a specialist the cost just keeps going up and up. This reminds me of when you go to get an oil change and they constantly make recommendations that cost you more and more every time you turnaround. When you see a company advertising $.45 or $.65 cents per sqft take that charge and multiply it by 3 ($1.35 – $1.95) and you will get the true cost to hire them to clean your floors.

The UpFront Difference

Our Pricing for Tile and Grout Cleaning is the most inclusive Grout Cleaning experience in Houston. We offer a 9 Step Cleaning Process vs the Franchise 2 Step approach. Our service also includes Grout Sealing at no extra charge. We use Property Protectors to ensure that your cleaning experience with us goes smoothly and we leave your home in better shape than what we found it. So don’t be fooled by low price coupon mailers, give us a call to come out and quote your cleaning based on the job not just the square foot.

At UpFront Home Services we provide more value for our Tile and Grout Cleaning Service and an amazing experience! Check out our Tile and Grout Cleaning Process Here

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