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Our Re-Clean Guarantee And Why It Matters

Our Re-Clean Guarantee And Why It Matters

Let’s face it, we live in Houston. The city is ginormous, this means there are lots of floors and a bunch of carpet cleaners to clean those floors. There are many reasons you may choose one cleaner over the next and more often than not this has more to do with price than anything else. I get it, price matters. But, what also matters is what you get when you hire one company or another.

At UpFront Home Services, we offer a Re-Clean Guarantee on all of our services. This means we come back if there is an issue. A lot of companies talk about satisfaction guarantees and so on and so forth, but most don’t actually stand behind that let alone care if you are happy or not.

I want you to know that I personally care about each and every one of our clients and their experience with us. Form the person that greets you by text or over the phone, to the technician that services you. It matters to me how your experience is and if I can make that experience better. This is why we have a Re-Clean Guarantee, it allows us to ensure that we are doing the absolute best job the first and that if we need to come back we can and you don’t have to feel weird about calling us back out.

My business is built on past customer relationships and maintaining customer happiness. This is why there are so many reviews about us online that you can actually see on Google… Believe it or not some companies put fake reviews on their website pretending to be something they aren’t so that you can trust them and call them instead of a reputable company like mine…

Always make sure that whomever you are doing business with regardless of the category has a good reputation and a rock solid guarantee that they stand behind.

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