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Filtration Soiling: What Are Those Black Lines Around The Edges Of My Carpet?

Filtration Soiling Houston TX

Is your carpet looking a little rough around the edges? As carpet ages and a home gets older you may start to notice what is known as Filtration soiling. This is seen around the carpet edges and in the doorways of rooms.

How Do You Remove Filtration Soiling From Carpet?

When we professionally clean your carpet we can use Pro’s Choices PC-45 to treat those pesky black lines. It really is as simple spraying this product, agitating, and steam cleaning the Filtration Soiling from your carpet.

How Can You Prevent Filtration Soiling?

I recommend having your Air Ducts Cleaned regularly to prevent filtration soiling. Filtration Soiling occurs when the air being blow from your vents is especially dusty. If you have the Air Ducts cleaned regularly you shouldn’t see those black lines around the edges of your carpet. Check out our Air Duct Cleaning Service Here

At UpFront Home Services we provide Carpet Cleaning Services for the entire Houston area! Check out our Carpet Cleaning Service Here

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