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How To Remove A Vomit Stain and Odors From Carpet

Vomit Stains are right up there as one of the worst odors and stains to remove from your Carpet. The smell of vomit alone is gag inducing. But if you catch it right away you can prevent the vomit stain and odor from soaking into the carpet.

Remove Vomit As Quickly As Possible

Ok so you’re going to want to remove the vomit from the floor as soon as possible. Personally I prefer the use of a Shopvac when it comes to dealing with bodily fluids. I recommend removing your filter from your Shopvac and of course hosing off the waste tank after each use.

After you have removed the vomit chunks from the floor apply cold water to the floor and let it sit for 30 seconds. Then, extract the stain with your shopvac. If the stain is still present treat the stain with an enzyme or carpet spotter. I prefer using either Kemzyme or PC-45 for further stain treatment.

How To Remove An Old Vomit stain From Your Carpet

Tools Required: Shopvac and a Terry Towel

Chemicals Required: Kemzyme (Enzyme Spotter) And Stain 1

  1. Mix Your Kemzyme 4 Parts Water and 1 Part Kemzyme
  2. Apply Kemzyme to the vomit stain and make sure the fibers are wet
  3. Gently agitate the fibers with a terry cloth to help break down the stain. Allow about 30 minutes of dwell time to allow the enzymes to work.
  4. Wet the fibers with cold water and extract the area thoroughly with a Shopvac getting the carpet as dry as possible (Carpet Cleaning Professionals use Hot Water Extraction during this step)
  5. When the spot is dry vacuum very thoroughly
  6. If stain reappears after drying treat the vomit stain with Stain 1

Which Vomit Stain Remover Is Best?

I recommend using Kemzyme over most Enzymes on the market due to the concentrated nature, the amount of live enzymes, and the pleasant scent. Kemzyme is also pH neutral which makes it suitable for use on most carpet. 

Be sure you test any products you use in an inconspicuous area to be sure it doesn’t affect the color of the carpet. 

When in doubt call the Professional Carpet Cleaners At UpFront Home Services. 

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