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Does Cleaning Carpet Ruin It?

Carpet Cleaning Katy TX

Does Cleaning Your Carpet Ruin It?

Absolutely… NOT! This is so far off base it’s honestly not even funny. Some consumers believe that vacuuming alone is the trick to having clean carpet and that having your carpet professionally cleaned will ruin it. While, Vacuuming does play a big role in the life of your carpet, it still needs regular cleaning. Have your carpet cleaning done at least 2-3 times per year. Through regular cleaning you will be able to fend off replacement. Remember to always apply Carpet Stain Protector after each cleaning.

Why Use UpFront Home Services For Carpet Cleaning?


At UpFront Home Services we provide Houston and Katy with the most inclusive Carpet Cleaning Service imaginable. Do you have mild Pet Odors? We include our Pet Enzyme Treatment standard. Spots and Stains? We Include a pre-treatment for this standard. Do you need to have some items of furniture moved? We include moving of small items at no extra cost. No sales games, just quality a quality carpet cleaning service.

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