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Carpet Cleaning – What You Need To Ask Before You Hire


Hiring a carpet cleaning company can be absolutely terrifying and anxiety inducing. You’re essentially inviting a stranger into your home with little or no knowledge of their background. This is especially true when you hire an owner operator (the guy that does the work, answers the phone, and pays the bills). A lot of self employed Carpet Cleaners are in the industry because it is simply left unregulated and non-licensed. To insure that you get a good quality professional in your home here is what you need to ask!

Carpet Cleaning – Here’s What You Need To Ask Before You Hire

Is It A Subcontractor, Employee, or Are You Coming To Do The Cleaning?

This question is HUGE! Why? Because if you don’t want a subcontractor in your home. The reason why you want an employee over a subcontractor is because of the added layer of protection knowing the company is responsible for their employees. Subcontractors however are responsible for their own work, and most subcontractors simply can’t afford insurance.

Are You Insured?

This question is especially relevant to companies with employees and owner operators. Never hire a company that doesn’t carry business insurance. Accident happen and you could be left holding the bag on a costly blunder.

Are Your Workers Background Checked?

When you’re hiring a carpet cleaning service it’s easy to forget to ask if their workers are background checked. This however is extremely important. You don’t want the worst of the worst in your home, this is why hiring a real company vs the guy on the sign is a no brainer.


What Type Of Equipment Do You Use?

There are a ton of carpet cleaners out there that use floor buffers or portable equipment. But, You want Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning. Anything other than Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning is just not the best cleaning you can get in your home. That said not all truck mount units are made the same. I recommend asking what Brand of equipment they have. You want a carpet cleaner that is using a Sapphire Scientific, Pro-Chem, Butler, or Hydramaster Unit. Why? Because these truck mounted units are manufactured and engineered to outperform all other clean units on the market.

Do You Use Organic Carpet Cleaning Chemicals?

Society has gone green, and your carpet cleaner should be using green cleaning products in your home too. Some carpet cleaning companies will use the harshest cleaners to clean the carpet, but why? A lot of times its to make up for the poor quality equipment they use, and others is because it is cheaper. It’s important that you hire a carpet cleaner that chooses the best products and not just the cheapest products in your home.


What’s Included In Your Pricing?

There are a lot of companies that charge next to nothing to clean carpet. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. What happens is these companies get in the door and sell you all the extras that are not included in the price they quoted on the phone. A good carpet cleaning service will include treatments for spots, stains, traffic lanes, deodorizer, and even disinfectant. Some specialty stains like ink and urine may be extra but it’s important to ask what is and isn’t included.

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