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Carpet Cleaning – What Is Carpet Stain Protector?

When your having Carpet Cleaning completed in your home your cleaning technician will probably ask you one very important question. “Would you like to apply Carpet Stain Protector?” This is also known as Scotchgard. Depending on the age and condition of your Carpet we highly recommend applying Carpet Stain Protector after each cleaning. 

What Is Carpet Stain Protector?

Carpet Stain Protector is a clear topical coating that is applied to carpet after a Professional Cleaning. The purpose of Carpet Stain Protector is to protect your carpet from permanent stains, traffic lane damage, and provides a clear layer that makes cleaning up spills easy.

Why Should I Apply Carpet Stain Protector After Carpet Cleaning?

Applying Stain Protector after the cleaning makes the cleaning last longer. It also makes it much easier the next time you have your carpet professionally cleaned. Protecting your carpet from potential permanent damage will protect your investment and give you more time in between cleanings.

But Should I Apply Carpet Protector?

There are quite a few cases where it’s not necessary to apply protector. These usually are cases of very old carpet or heavily damaged carpet. If your carpet is newer or in really good condition I would definitely apply carpet Stain Protector after every cleaning.

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