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Are Carpets Bad For Your Allergies?

I am often asked “Are Carpets Bad For Your Allergies?” The answer is Carpets are great for your allergies. Carpet is your homes largest filter, it holds the particles that would otherwise be in the air. So like your AC your Carpet needs to be maintained through regular steam cleaning. 

Swedish Study On Carpet Usage and Allergies

This is a study that debunks the claims in Sweden that Carpet causes allergic reactions in some people. By the year 1992 the amount of carpet decreased to about 2% but as you can see the amount of allergic reactions increased tremendously as the amount of carpet decreased. 

Should You Remove Your Carpet?

I’ve heard many a Doctor argue for removal of Carpet if you are an allergy sufferer. The Doctor pitching removal of the carpet would be wrong to make this recommendation. There is simply no scientific study that proves that Carpet is somehow associated with allergies and asthma. In fact there are studies that prove that no relationship exists between allergies and having Carpet other than that it’s better for you to have carpet than not have it.

Keep Your Carpet Clean!

If you’re an Allergy or Asthma sufferer it’s important to keep your carpet clean. I recommend vacuuming weekly and steam cleaning your carpet every 3 months. When cleaning your carpet I highly recommend using a cleaner that offers Fragrance Free Cleaning that uses botanical ingredients. Having your carpet cleaning done with organic cleaning products is especially important when you are an Allergy or Asthma sufferer. Why? Because carpet cleaning products used by low price or franchise carpet cleaners are typically riddled with Butyl and Fragrances. These types of products tend to cause allergies and asthma to flair up.

Why Use UpFront Home Services To Clean Your Carpet?

At UpFront Home Services we use Organic and Green Carpet Cleaning products to clean your homes Carpets and Rugs. Other cleaners skimp on quality products because they simply don’t want or can’t afford to spend more money for specialty products. 

At UpFront Home Services we provide Professional Steam Cleaning Services In Katy and the entire Houston area! Check out our Carpet Cleaning Service Here

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