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Tile and Grout Cleaning Everyday Maintenance Tips

After having your Tile and Grout Cleaned the first question that is normally asked is “What do I use to clean my floors now?” After most cleanings homeowners toss out the Pinesol, Fabuloso, and Swiffer Wet Jets. But they need something to fill the cleaning void.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Everyday Maintenance Tips

Here is what I recommend to maintain your tile and grout

Steam Mop

I particularly love a good steam mop. My reasoning is that it’s chemical free and produces excellent best for naturally disinfecting your floors. The one thing you must always do is use distilled water when cleaning. The reason why you must use distilled water is it will keep the machine functioning properly and you won’t deposit minerals into your grout. Steam Mopping is what I call Dummy Proof maintenance. If you clean weekly your floors will need a deep cleaning less often.

Flat Head Microfiber Mop and Nuetral Floor Cleaner

A flat head microfiber mop and neutral floor cleaner will go a long way. It’s not especially convienent if you don’t get the Flat Head Mop with the tank on it. But you will find that this won’t leave the sticky residue behind that dirt loves to stick to.

Kitchen Tile and Grout Maintenance

Every couple months or so I recommend cleaning the kitchen area with an alkaline product to help breakdown the grease. After you mop with the alkaline make sure to mop again with just clear water. Realistically I only recommend doing this if you start to see some dirt take hold in the kitchen. Keep an eye on it and clean with an alkaline product as needed.

Shower Tile and Grout Maintenance

I highly recommend using an everyday shower cleaner. I am particularly fond of Method Daily Shower Cleaner because you can spray it after each shower and just walk away. I use method in conjunction with Australian Tea Tree Oil mixed with Peroxide in my Shower once a week. By having regular maintenance you will be able to keep the mold and mildew away.

Additional Cleaning Tools

I recommend picking up grout brushes for scrubbing when something spills on the floor and for shower cleaning maintenance. You should also have a couple spray bottles so that you can have some cleaning product mixed and ready for when you need to clean up stains quickly. I also like having a shop vac handy for this crazy off the wall spills like a bottle of barbecue sauce breaking on the floor (don’t ask me how I know)…

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