Is your shower past due for a fresh bead of caulk? With our Shower Caulking service we can get your shower looking fresh and clean again!

Our Shower Caulking Process

Step 1) We start by doing a thorough Steam Cleaning of the Shower Tile and Grout as well as any Fiber Glass or Alternative surfaces. The steam cleaning is done with a specialty disinfectant to eliminate any mildewing and help protect your shower from future growth.

Step 2) After the cleaning we will either set fans to dry or allow the shower to dry naturally and come back later that day or the next day.

Step 3) We then remove the old caulk and replace it with brand new Silicone Caulk with built in Anti-Microbial to help keep you caulk cleaner longer. During this time we can also do any grout repairs as necessary.

Step 4) Your shower Grout is sealed with a clear water based sealant to make future shower cleanings easier.

Some showers don’t require a Steam Cleaning but it certainly does make the job that much cleaner. Shower Caulking can really provide a nice fresh look for those trying to sell their home or simply get their showers clean again.

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