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Meet Shirley… The Reason I Clean My Carpet Every 3 Months

Meet Shirley. Shirley is a feisty and loving little Shitzu. My toddler loves Shirley. My wife loves Shirley. I love Shirley.

What I don’t love is that she has the blaster the size of a peanut. I have to constantly let her out and go on walks with her to try to prevent the inevitable “accident” at least that’s what Shirley calls it… I call it her being jealous that we have bathrooms and she doesn’t have one. No she’s sent into the elements to use her “bathroom”… I can’t say I blame her with how wet and cold it’s been lately.

Perhaps winter is simply the time of year that “accidents” happen. Either way we clean the carpet at our house every 3 months to keep it smelling and looking it’s freshest. Yes, I even use the same enzymes and pet treatments in my home that we use in yours. In fact, there isn’t a product on our trucks that hasn’t been tested and Shirley approved.

Why is that? I believe that it’s my responsibility to know how effective a product truly is and to never use our customers as a guinea pig.

We offer a FREE Pet Enzyme Treatment as an option for Pet Odors and Stains. We also have our Kill Odor Plus Treatment for a more aggressive Pet Odor Treatment.

Have your Carpet Cleaned this week and I’ll give you a discount of $20 off our 3 Room Special if you mention Shirley when you schedule!

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