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Grout Cleaning Service – How Long Does Grout Sealer Last?

I get asked this question a lot after providing a Grout Cleaning Service. How Long Does Grout Sealer Last? The honest answer is that it truly varies by how you maintain your floors, how often you cook, and how much foot traffic your floors will receive. Typically Grout Sealer will last anywhere from 1 – 3 Years in ideal conditions.

Here’s How To Make Your Sealant Last Longer

Using Proper Cleaning Techniques

Using a mop and bucket just doesn’t cut it, it actually will make your tile and grout dirtier over time and affect the sealers ability to block out the dirt. Utilizing a Flat Head mop with a container to spray the product and clean the floor will keep your sealer in tact longer. Just be sure to wash your Flat Head Mops pad after every use. Another good piece of equipment to utilize is a Steam Mop. The main thing with using a steam mop is using distilled water and washing the microfiber pads after each use.

The Right Cleaning Product

Using proper chemistry is important to maintaining your Tile and Grout over the long term. I highly recommend using a Neutral Floor Cleaner such as Zep Neutral Floor Cleaner or Stone Pro’s Crystal Clean when cleaning your floors. These types of products won’t leave a residue and will make your investment in a Grout Cleaning Service be a little more worthwhile. 

Consistent Maintenance

Consistently Maintaining your floors is crucial for making your sealant last longer. I recommend vacuuming, sweeping, and flat head mopping / steam mopping your floors at least once per week. By keeping the dirt off the floor you will have a much lower chance of creating a stain in your grout and destroying the Grout Sealer.

Why Choose UpFront Home Services For Your Grout Cleaning Service?

When you have UpFront Home Services clean your Tile and Grout we always include sealing of the Grout FREE! No other company does this! In fact most companies charge more to seal your grout after a Grout Cleaning Service. Not only do we include sealing of your grout, we also include both Alkaline and Acid rinses to properly clean your floors. Using both an alkaline and an acid guarantee that your floors are their absolute cleanest before we seal the grout. 

At UpFront Home Services we are Houston and Katy’s most inclusive Tile Cleaning Company! Check out our Tile and Grout Cleaning Service Here.

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