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Does Grout Need To Be Sealed?

So you bought a new house, just moved into an older home, or you have a home with dirty grout and you regret never sealing it. The question remains, does grout need to be sealed?

Most of the time I find home owners blaming the builder for not dealing the grout and how it’s dirty now. Truthfully the grout isn’t dirty because it wasn’t sealed. Your grout gets dirty because you may be using the wrong tools and method to clean your floors.

Should Grout Be Sealed?

Yes, I highly recommend sealing your grout. It’s not because it’s going to keep your grout from getting dirty, because that’s not what Sealant does. The purpose of the Sealant is to make it easier to clean your grout and lower the likelihood of permanent stains. I see a lot of home owners making a big deal about whether the Sealant being applied is going to cause beading. The truth is that beading only takes place if the Sealant being used is hydrophobic and even if it does initially bead that affect dissipates.

Should I Seal The Grout Myself?

There nothing wrong with Sealing the grout yourself. But beware that it is labor intensive and requires hands and knees work to do the job properly. Some sealants that are sold in the big box stores will actually cause a haze like effect on your tile. It’s very important that you find a sealer that is easy to apply and will provide excellent protection. At UpFront Home Services our sealers are specifically made for professional use and are not available for resale, if they were available for your use I’d recommend one to you 🙂

Should You Hire A Professional To Seal Your Grout?

I highly recommend hiring a professional to Seal your grout. The reason why is sealing grout is labor intensive and requires the right knowledge of not only how to do it but what Sealant to actually use to do it. Unfortunately the sealers available to homeowners aren’t exactly the best quality sealers and can leave Haze on the tile. When having your grout sealed you are taking all of the guess work and labor out of it.

If this is a new construction home, now is the perfect time to seal. If this is an older home or previously live in home, I recommend having the tile and grout professionally cleaned before sealing.

At UpFront Home Services we provide Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing Services In Katy and the entire Houston area! Check out our Tile and Grout Cleaning Service Here

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