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Carpet Stretching Service

We are Houston’s top rated Carpet Stretching Service. Our Carpet Stretching Technicians are well trained and have the experience to complete even the most difficult Carpet Stretching jobs. We can stretch anything from Patterned Carpet, Berber Carpet, and typical shaggy or low pile carpet. Our crews are experienced and knowledgeable to do whatever it takes to get the job done right.

Does Your Carpet Have Wrinkles? We Can Fix It!

If you are looking in Katy area for carpet cleaning services that include stretching and restoration, you have come to the right place. Our expert technicians have several years of experience in repairing and stretching carpets. What’s more, our stretching and repairing services are highly cost effective.

When to get your Carpet Stretched?

Bulges or wrinkles that appear in the carpet clearly indicate that it needs stretching. By getting your carpet re-stretched, you not only extend its life but also make your home safe for kids and the elderly because loose areas in the carpet are camouflaged tripping hazards.

UpFront Home Services of Katy’s carpet cleaning service understands that every carpet has its unique stretching and restoration requirements. For example, tufted carpets need power stretching. On the other hand, power stretching is not suitable for woven carpets. Our expert carpet technicians can easily figure out what sort of stretching will solve your issue. And when you hire our Katy carpet cleaning, stretching, and restoration service, you can rest assured that we will employ the right strategy. We also assure you that we will not use any tools that might void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Don’t Risk Damage By DIY

Carpet stretching is not something home owners can do on their own. It is a complicated process and requires specialized knowledge and tools. Of course, hiring a competent carpet cleaning and stretching service is much better than causing further damage to the carpet by attempting to do it without the required skills. We do not take any shortcuts.

Before we start the stretching we closely study the construction of your carpet. This is absolutely essential to avoid overstretching which could result in seam peaking. If the carpet is properly stretched, it will not display any wrinkles. It will not be loose either. The presence of these two factors is a clear indication that your carpet is coming undone. The professionals at UpFront Home Services provide carpet stretching and restoration as well as carpet cleaning.

While stretching woven carpets, we take great care to prevent damage. Since overly aggressive power stretching can distort the patterns or damage the weave, this is never done. Before we start the stretching, we determine what sort of material we are working with since proper stretching is not possible without a thorough understanding of the carpet. For example, the carpet can be made of natural or synthetic fibers. It may be woven or tufted. After studying the material we decide what type of stretching is required. Carpets are expensive so you want them to last as long as possible. However, even the most expensive carpets sustain some wear and tear over time. Luckily for us, most of these problems can be solved by the professionals at UpFront Home Services of Katy with stretching and repairing.

Lifetime Guarantee

Our Carpet Stretching Service features our Lifetime Guarantee on our workmanship. This means if you ever get a wrinkle or buckle in your carpet after we stretch it, we will come back out and fix it at no charge. We Guarantee the absolute best quality of service available and we stand behind what we do. Not all companies offer a Lifetime Guarantee or even a Next Day Guarantee but at UpFront Home Services we have your back.

Our Katy carpet cleaning, stretching and restoration service technicians are not only trained in stretching, they can also repair other problems with the pile and these include stains, frays, burns, melting and exposed seams.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Stretch Carpet?

We use both Power Stretchers and Knee Kickers when necessary along with a wide variety of tools to get the job done right. We determine the best angle to stretch the room or area and the best method to complete the project efficiently and professionally.

Do You Move All Of The Furniture?

We move any necessary items of furniture to complete the stretching of the carpet. Sometimes, it is necessary for us to disassemble the bed but more often than not we are able to use sliders to move around items and complete the carpet stretching with minimal intrusion. There are some items that are too heavy to move such as safes, entertainment centers, and pool tables. When an item is too heavy to move we will employ a method that will complete the stretching without moving the item.

Should I Clean My Carpet Before Or After Carpet Stretching?

We recommend cleaning your carpet after the Carpet Stretching is completed. The reasoning is because the wrinkles in the carpet attract dirt and once the carpet is flattened out sometimes you can still see what appears to be a wrinkle but it is actually dirt. having the carpet cleaning done after the carpet stretching simply makes the job look so much better.

How Much Is Carpet Stretching?

The cost for Carpet Stretching varies based on several factors. One factor of the pricing is the scope of the work such as how many rooms, hallways, stairs, and closets there are to stretch. Another determining factor is how large the rooms are and if they are furniture filled or vacant.

What Should I Do To Prepare For Carpet Stretching?

Please move out small items and breakables from the rooms, pick up loose items from the floor, and have children and pets in a separate area so that they don’t hurt themselves. Most of the hard work is done by the technicians that will visit your home.

Do You Perform Carpet Repairs As Well?

Yes we also perform Carpet Repair work. We repair pet damage, burns, seams, bleach stains, holes, and more.


  1. We will wear gloves when servicing your home
  2. We are disinfecting our tools, hoses, and equipment in between every service appointment
  3. We are exercising social distancing and adhering to CDC best practices regarding sick employees
  4. We are offering no-contact service
  5. We include application of EPA Registered Disinfectant with every service
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