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Carpet Stretching Houston – What Causes Carpet To Wrinkle or Buckle? How Can I Fix It?

Carpet Stretching Houston – What Causes Carpet To Wrinkle or Buckle? How Can I Fix It?

Does your Bedroom or Living Room look like a parking lot filled with speed bumps? If wrinkles and buckles have taken over your carpet you may be left scratching your head and wondering why? The next thing is how do you fix it?

Here Are Some Of The Most Common Reasons Your Carpet Is Wrinkling or Buckling and How To Fix It

Houston Humidity and Carpet Wrinkling

As Texans we know our weather is a little wonky to say the least. But what most don’t know is how this wonky weather can affect our homes and their carpet. As the weather shifts and becomes more humid your carpet can swell and buckles or wrinkles will begin to show. This is totally common but the wrinkles should be tightened for the purpose of safety and longevity of your carpet.

Poor Carpet Installation

It’s Houston, poor quality contractors run a muck here. There are many new build homes and newly remodeled homes that simply have improper carpet installation. Most of these contractors will simply kick the carpet in and cut it. The proper way to install is through using a power stretcher to insure that you have the carpet as tight as it can be. Most installers simply don’t own a power stretcher and don’t want to take the time to install the carpet the right way.

Dragging Large Pieces Of Furniture

We are all guilty of pulling large items across a carpeted surface without a second thought. The truth is that by dragging your furniture you can cause wrinkling into your carpet. Why is that?  It’s because as you’re pulling heavy items across the carpet you’re essentially pulling the carpet away from the wall and causing it to buckle. The trick is to get sliders placed under your furniture legs to minimize the amount of friction when moving items.

Delamination or Manufacturer Defect

Delamination is rare but it does happen when the carpet has been damaged by too much water such as flooding or through pet urine not being extracted. Sometimes carpet comes from the factory already defective but this is very rare. Unfortunately if your carpet is delaminated it is usually cheaper to replace the carpet rather than to fix the problem.

Overwetting when Steam cleaning

Sometimes steam cleaning of a carpet can cause wrinkling. Usually this is because the cleaner used too high of pressure when cleaning your carpet or simply didn’t extract properly. There are some cases however where the carpet simply contracts with any level of moisture. In situations where the carpet has simply contracted due to moisture, it will go down as the carpet completely drys. To minimize your risk, don’t attempt to clean the carpet yourself, always hire a professional to clean your carpet the right way.

How To Fix Carpet Wrinkling and Carpet Buckling?

The solution is simple, hire a Carpet Stretching Houston Service To Fix It! In fact you can hire us at UpFront Home Services. We are Houston’s Experts when it comes to Carpet Stretching and Carpet Repairs. We can remove the wrinkles and buckles by using a Power Stretcher and years of knowledge to properly fix your carpet.

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