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Carpet Cleaning – How Often Should I Clean My Carpet?

Carpet Cleaning frequency depends on a wide variety of factors. I highly recommend cleaning your carpet once a quarter to keep your home its absolute healthiest. The reason I suggest this is because as the seasons change the allergens change. Rinsing your carpet once a season helps remove the allergens from the carpet to prep for the next season change.

Here Are A Few More Reasons You Might Carpet Cleaning More Often

You Have Pets In Your Home

Pets can be a huge factor in determining how often you should clean. Dogs and cats shed and leave allergens all over the carpet. Cleaning your carpet often is recommended to remove the allergens so that you don’t develop a build up. Another reason you might clean your carpet is because of pet odors and pet urine stains in general. Keeping up with your carpet when you have pets by cleaning regularly is very important to your carpets long term health.

You Have Kids

If you have Kids, spills happen. Having Carpet Cleaning done once every quarter or at least twice a year is recommended for you. The reason why is because by cleaning more often you will keep your carpet looking it’s best long term. The longer a spot or stain sit the more likely it is to become permanent. We use Kid safe cleaning products in your home vs butyl and other strong cleaners that aren’t necessary to provide a great cleaning experience.

You Have Bad Allergies

If you have bad allergies keeping your carpet cleaned quarterly is going to keep the allergens off the floor as much as possible. At UpFront Home Services we also offer Fragrance Free and Allergy Safe Carpet Cleaning. Having the right Carpet Cleaner out is important as to not aggravate your allergies further by using the wrong type of chemistry in your home.

You Don’t Vacuum Enough

We recommend vacuuming 1 – 2 times per week. If you’re not vacuuming enough you will need your carpets cleaned much more often. The reason why is by not vacuuming you are leaving dry debris on your floor that cause scratches into the fibers of your carpet. These scratches cause what is known as traffic lane wear. By vacuuming regularly you will help keep your carpet looking it’s absolute cleanest longer. 

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