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Why Does Tile and Grout Get Dirty?

Every home is different. Some households have children, dogs, and all types of variables. Regardless of the household demographics, the tile and grout will get dirty.

Reasons Why Tile And Grout Gets Dirty

A Residue Forms

The tile typically gets dirty because a residue forms on the top surface due to alkaline cleaners being used in the home. Alkaline cleaners may be used in the home but you should rinse the floors really well to neutralize them. I recommend using Crystal Clean by Stone Pro (Can Find It On Amazon). Crystal Clean is a Neutral Floor Cleaner with a Fluoropolymer (Sealant) built in. It doesn’t handle grease clean up so somethings you will need to use something stronger in the kitchen to break down the soiling.

Using The Wrong Equipment

Using a string mop just is not going to work when it comes to keeping your floors clean. Even with constant water changing you are just spreading the dirt around. Utilizing a Auto Scrubber for maintenance is about as good as it gets when it comes to keeping your grout clean. They are starting to make more consumer friendly auto scrubbers. I personally use a flat head mop with Crystal Clean in the mist feature.

Dirt Always Finds A Way

It doesn’t matter if your grout is sealed or color sealed, dirt will always find a way. If a residue forms over the floor, the dirt is simply going to stick to it. The dirt will attach to the residue and stay on top of the grout and tile floor. I am a big believer in sealing the grout to prevent permanent staining but no matter what Dirt Always Finds A Way. This is why it is so important to use the right products and equipment to keep your tile and grout its cleanest.

The Solution

Utilize proper chemistry and equipment when cleaning your floors, and consistently maintain the tile and grout with professional steam cleaning. Our service will restore your tile and grout, protect it, and maintain it for the life of the floor. I recommend having the main areas of tile and grout cleaned once every 1-2 years depending on traffic.

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