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What Makes Us Houston and Katy’s Best Carpet Cleaning Service?

Carpet Cleaning Katy TX

What Makes Us Houston and Katy’s Best Carpet Cleaning Service?


I know, you’ve called a million carpet cleaners to ask about the one thing that everyone asks. “How Much is it to clean my carpet?” Getting hung up solely on price is an easy thing to do. It’s why we buy goods made in China vs the U.S.A. Price is why some skip on organic foods and buy non organic foods. We all know that price isn’t the only factor but it’s what we use when we don’t have all of the relevant data.

Here’s What Makes Us Houston and Katy’s Best Carpet Cleaning Service

Green Carpet Cleaning Katy TX

Our Carpet Cleaning Company provides Green Carpet Cleaning Pre-Treatments vs Butyl based carcinogens. Most Carpet Cleaners simply don’t care about the products they use in your home. I mean they are only there for a couple hours, but you have to live with whatever it is that they decide to use in your home.

Our belief is that by using the best quality cleaning chemicals it’s not only healthy for the consumer but our technicians as well. There  are quite a few carpet cleaners out there that are suffering from lung cancer into their golden years. Why? Because they are constantly breathing the low quality products that they are applying in homes. Some carpet cleaners simply don’t charge enough to purchase the safer cleaning products. They charge less than other cleaners but they are also using the worst products in your home.

High Quality Carpet Cleaning Equipment

I know, the last thing on your mind is what kind of carpet cleaning equipment will be used in your home. Believe me when I say it truly matters. Yes, you can clean very well with a lesser machine, but the lower quality of the machine means that you will need a higher quality technician to balance it out.

At UpFront Home Services we have invested in the highest quality of equipment available. The Average cost of one of our Carpet Cleaning units is $70k. That’s a significant investment in the quality of clean you will get in your home. Most cleaners simply don’t charge an appropriate amount to purchase the right equipment to clean your carpet.

Exceptionally Trained and Knowledgeable Carpet Cleaning Technicians

It Matters Who Cleans Your Carpet! Not just anybody can clean carpet, although it seems that way sometimes. It takes a person that is detail oriented, well trained, and willing to do a good job. If a carpet cleaning service is charging an unbelievably low price, you can rest assured that they are paying their workers an unbelievably low wage too.

If you are being grossly underpaid at your job, would you want to do the best job possible? In most case most people will say of course not. The same applies to a carpet cleaning technician that is being so underpaid he just wants to get in and out.

At UpFront Home Services we pay an actual living wage to our experienced technicians. We aren’t the cheapest company around, but we have next to zero turnover. What’s the mean for you? It means you will always have a knowledgeable carpet cleaning technician in your home.

A Strong Guarantee

We back each and every one of our Carpet cleanings with a re-clean Guarantee and a money back Guarantee. That means if you have an issue we will come out and fix it. If we can’t make you happy, we will refund your money. Its really that simple.

With other cleaners they may have some type of guarantee, but will they really follow through with it? I see it all the time where other companies just stop answering their clients altogether if there’s a problem. 

We Are The Highest Rated and Most Review Carpet Cleaning Company in Houston and Katy

Quite simply we are really good at what we do. Most of our customers cite our reviews or a referral source for why they are using us. The other guys just simply can’t compete with us.

Fun Facts About Houston and Katy

  • People in Houston eat out more times a week than in any other city in America.
  • Houston has one of the best culinary scenes in the country.
  • The city of Houston Has The largest medical center in the world.
  • Houston is the fourth most populous city in the U.S.
  • Katy is names after the “K-T Railroad” That rose through Katy in the 1800’s
  • The city of Katy is one of the best places to retire
  • Katy is spread across three counties

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