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What is Bait and Switch Carpet Cleaning?

So you’re scrolling through a magazine or you see an ad on Facebook or Google for Carpet Cleaning. The deal is unbelievable! 3 Rooms for only $69! Maybe it’s a whole house of carpet cleaning for $99. Whatever it is, it’s just too good to be true. 

I hate saying this but, as consumers we are taught to focus on one thing PRICE. For every carpet cleaning horror story you hear, there is a consumer that looked to hire CHEAP and got what they paid for. But what do I mean by this? I’m talking about Bait and Switch Carpet Cleaning Companies.

What Is Bait and Switch Carpet Cleaning?

Bait and Switch Carpet Cleaning is when you hire a company to come in and clean your carpet but they don’t include the basic things necessary to clean your carpet. A good example of this is when a company doesn’t include pre-spotting / pre-treating the carpet for the spots and general soiling. Sometimes they even sell you on using a Truck Mount vs using a portable. Often times their portable equipment is the Rug doctor that you could’ve just rented.

It Happens More Often Than You Think…

Recently I was scrolling through Google and came across an Ad for $69 Carpet Cleaning of 3 rooms. As a professional carpet cleaner I know better than to trust this price but I figured I’d check it out. The company has a long stream of good reviews but quite a few negative reviews sprinkled in with Bait and Switch tactics as I expected.

How To Avoid Bait and Switch Carpet Cleaners

  • Always Ask What Is Included In The Price

Companies that Bait and Switch will mention steam cleaning or hot water extraction but never commit to any type of pre-treatment.

  • Always ask if they will be pre-treating your spots and stains

A shady company will completely dodge this question and move on to trying to schedule you without ever answering the question.

  • Make sure they use truck mounted equipment.

Specific equipment to want in your home is made by Hydramaster, Prochem, and Sapphire Scientific. These companies product the best equipment for Carpet Cleaning. A bait and switch company will either not say what they use or not commit to what they use by saying the use both portables and truck mounts.

Bottom line: If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Reading reviews can be helpful but it’s definitely not the only factor to keep in mind. A company that sells low priced carpet cleaning that only includes water is one to avoid. 

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