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Residential Carpet Cleaning- DIY or Professional Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to Residential Carpet Cleaning the homeowner is faced with 1 distinct question. Should I DIY or hire a professional carpet cleaning company? It’s not always easy to decide whether to do it your self or bring in a professional, lets take a look together to see what makes the most sense in your home.

DIY or Professional Carpet Cleaning

The Cost of a Rug Doctor vs a Professional Carpet Cleaner

Rug Doctor rental rates vary but they range from $30-$40 for a 24-48 hour period. You also need to purchase the chemicals used to clean which will cost you an additional $30-$50 to purchase. You can also buy a Rug Doctor for around $400.

On the flip side of that coin the average professional Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning set up for Residential Carpet Cleaning can be anywhere from $30,000 – $60,000 to buy.

However, to have a Professional Carpet Cleaner come out is far less than purchasing a professionally machine. Most Professional Carpet Cleaners charge either by the room or by the square foot. On Average a Professional Carpet Cleaner will charge anywhere from $30-$60 per room to clean depending on the package you choose. Almost every professional carpet cleaning service will require a service call minimum.

Carpet Cleaning cost example for 3 Rooms:

Rug Doctor – $60 – $99

Professional Carpet Cleaner – $99 – $180

How Long Does It Take To Clean

A Professional Residential Carpet Cleaning Service can take anywhere from an hour or so to clean a couple of rooms of carpet. A Rug Doctor however can take several hours to clean a couple of rooms.

Rug Doctor – 2 – 4 Hours

Professional Carpet Cleaner – 1 – 2 Hours

What’s The Typical Carpet Drying Time?

I’ve personally seen a homeowners carpet take 48 hours to dry after using a Rug Doctor. But the reason why it took this amount of time to dry isn’t totally because of the equipment, it’s because the homeowner didn’t have the knowledge to properly clean the carpet. A Residential Carpet Cleaning Service can typically get the carpets dry in 2-6 hours vs 1-2 days. The longer a carpet takes to dry, the more opportunity for there is for mildew to grow in your home.

Rug Doctor – 24 – 48 hours

Professional Carpet Cleaner – 2 – 6 hours

What’s Your Time Worth?

Doing things DIY can take away from valuable time with your family. The time spent with your family is impossible to put a price on, this is why paying a Professional Residential Carpet Cleaning Company is usually the best decision.

Can You Do A Good Job If You DIY?

As a professional carpet cleaner I can tell you that you can do a good job with a Rug Doctor if you have the time, patience, and knowledge to properly clean. To be quite honest Carpet Cleaning isn’t fun and it isn’t easy, leaving the cleaning up to a professional is just the way to go.

Is It Worth It To DIY?

In some cases it can be worthwhile to DIY your homes carpet cleaning. It make the most sense to DIY when a small spill or something along the lines of an accident occurs. Usually home owners will DIY when they can’t get a Professional cleaner out right away. Pre-Planning and Hiring a Professional to clean is more often than not the best way to go. It’s easy to ruin your carpet by using too much water and not enough Extraction power or by putting to much chemical or improper chemical down. Hiring a professional take all the guess work out of it.

At UpFront Home Services we provide Residential Carpet Cleaning Services In Katy and the entire Houston area! Check out our Carpet Cleaning Service Here

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Best Carpet Cleaning Company – 3 Things To Look For When Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Service

How can you find the Best Carpet Cleaning Company? Let’s be honest, Carpet Cleaning isn’t exactly a glamorous profession or a licensed trade. Carpet Cleaning doesn’t require any type of licenses but make no mistake it is a skill and a trade profession. What makes it difficult to hire a Carpet Cleaner is it’s hard to sift through the good, the bad, and the great Carpet Cleaners.

Here Are 3 Things To Look For When Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Service

Check Out The Reviews

1 – I can’t say this enough about any service, read the Reviews before hiring! Finding the Best Carpet Cleaning Company can be as simple as going on Google or Angie’s List and sifting through good companies with great reviews. Reviews can play a significant factor but even good and bad Carpet Cleaners can have good reviews. Pro Tip: Always check multiple sites for reviews. 

What Should Be Offered By The Best Carpet Cleaning Company

2 – The difference between a good Carpet Cleaner and the best Carpet Cleaner can be boiled down to what they actually offer and include for their clients. For example a good carpet cleaner offers pre-conditioning of the carpet. However the Best Carpet Cleaning Company not only offers pre-conditioning, they also offer post-spotting of any stains that didn’t come out during the initial clean. Another point of difference between good and best is the best Cleaner will offer a premium package consisting of vacuuming and pre-scrubbing / rotary cleaning. Some furniture moving should also be offered to clients, the good and the best cleaners usually include this in their base pricing. 

Best Carpet Cleaning CompanyThey Are Carpet Cleaning Specialists

3 – From maid services to landscaping almost any company can offer Carpet Cleaning Services. The Best Carpet Cleaning Company however treats Carpet Cleaning as their core service. This means that while they may offer other services such as upholstery cleaning a majority of their business still comes from cleaning carpets. An easy way to tell if you’re dealing with a Carpet Specialist is by reading their reviews and seeing if Carpet is mentioned often. You can also ask questions specifically about the unit they are using. You should always ask the company you are considering if they are Truck Mount Steam Cleaners. The reason you should ask if they are Truck Mount is because there are companies that use very low moisture cleaning techniques with buffers or they use small portable cleaners like rug doctors. There is nothing that compares however to a high quality Truck Mount Steam Cleaning unit.

At UpFront Home Services we are The Best Carpet Cleaning Company In Katy and provide an amazing Carpet Cleaning experience! Check out our carpet cleaning process here

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Why do we love Katy? The school and The old town feel. Katy really is still rural at heart but has a big city feel as well. With Katy being so close to Texas A&M we also get to service a lot of our fellow Aggies. We service the entire Houston area. Want to learn more about the City of Katy Click Here

Grout Cleaning Service- 3 Things To Look For When Hiring A Grout Cleaning Service

Grout Cleaning ServiceSo, it’s time to have your Tile and Grout Cleaned. You’ve probably thought about getting on your hands and knees and scrubbing with whatever cleaning product they are recommending in DYI videos or blogs. Then it hits you, it’s simply not easy to clean your floors. That’s when you know it’s time to hire a Grout Cleaning Service. But what should you be looking for when you start the process to hire a Grout Cleaning Service?

Here Are 3 Things To Look For When Hiring  A Grout Cleaning Service

What’s Included In The Price

1 – It’s easy to get caught up in the low cost per sqft price that you see advertised in a coupon mailer, but what does it really include? Always make sure that both an Alkaline Rinse and an Acid Rinse are included in your Grout Cleaning Service. The reason behind this is two fold, 1) the Acid will neutralize any alkalinity left behind after the cleaning. This is important to ensure that your Tile and Grout will be pH neutral and not allow dirts to easily stick to it. 2) Multiple Cleaning passes ensure that your Grout Cleaning is as thorough as it possibly can be so that you are Sealing in dirt. Always be sure to Seal your Tile and Grout after cleaning, be sure the service professional includes sealing of the Grout in their pricing.

Make Sure It Is Truck Mount Steam Cleaning

2 – There are a lot of Tile and Grout Cleaning companies out there and quite a few of them are not running Truck Mounted equipment. Some companies are using Floor Buffers or Portable equipment to perform a Grout Cleaning Service. Floor Buffers and Portables just don’t provide the necessary Pressure, Heat, and Extraction needed to perform a thorough cleaning. Now this is not to say that everyone with a Truck Mount has the same equipment. A serious Grout Cleaning Service invests in high quality Truck Mounted equipment with some units costing upwards of $60,000 and that doesn’t take into account all the accessories and chemicals needed to clean your tile and grout.

It’s About Who Is Performing The Cleaning

Grout Cleaning Service3 – The most important factor is the service technician actually performing the work. Does the company properly train their technicians and what is their experience level? Does the company guarantee their work? These are all important factors to consider when hiring a Grout Cleaning Service. Getting the best technician can be more important than selecting the company but also make sure the company has a rock solid guarantee to back up their service.

At UpFront Home Services we provide more value for our Grout Cleaning Service and an amazing service experience! Check out our Tile and Grout Cleaning Service Process Here

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Organic Carpet Cleaning – Why Go Green?

A healthy home starts with cleaning the largest filter in your home, the carpet. Your carpet holds all kinds of allergens and debris that vacuuming alone simply doesn’t remove. To properly sanitize a thorough steam cleaning is recommended. The problem is when you simply opt for the best price (often harmful chemicals) vs finding an Organic Carpet Cleaning company.

Here Are 3 Reasons Why You Should Go With Organic Carpet Cleaning

Reason 1- No harmful Residues left behind. The cheaper carpet cleaners simply can’t afford the better products in your home. So what does a cheap cleaner use, the cheap products. Often times the cheaper products contain harmful chemistry like butyl to get your carpet cleaned. An Organic Carpet Cleaning is done with Green Chemicals that are derived from the EPA design for the environment program.

Fragrance Free and Dye Free

Reason 2- If you are sensitive to chemicals and scents then an Organic Carpet Cleaning is a safer solution for your home. Our Organic Carpet Cleaning is fragrance free, dye free, and botanically derived pre-treatment. This solution is safe around kids, pets, and the chemically sensitive.

Safer and More Effective

Reason 3- Organic Carpet Cleaning is not only safer but it can also be more effective than traditional hazardous cleaners. We’ve found with the use of 220 degree steam cleaning and organic chemistry we not only can clean as efficiently but we can out clean the hazardous chemistry. The Botanical pre-treatment does an excellent job at breaking down the spots and traffic lanes for extraction and simply doesn’t leave a harmful residue behind.

It’s important that when you do begin your search for a carpet cleaning company, make sure that they provide Organic Carpet Cleaning. It’s not only safer for you and your family but it is also safer for the Carpet Cleaning technician providing the service.

At UpFront Home Services we offer Organic Carpet Cleaning and an unbelievable Carpet Cleaning experience! Check out our carpet cleaning process here

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