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Organic Carpet Cleaning – Why Go Green?

A healthy home starts with cleaning the largest filter in your home, the carpet. Your carpet holds all kinds of allergens and debris that vacuuming alone simply doesn’t remove. To properly sanitize a thorough steam cleaning is recommended. The problem is when you simply opt for the best price (often harmful chemicals) vs finding an Organic Carpet Cleaning company.

Here Are 3 Reasons Why You Should Go With Organic Carpet Cleaning

Reason 1- No harmful Residues left behind. The cheaper carpet cleaners simply can’t afford the better products in your home. So what does a cheap cleaner use, the cheap products. Often times the cheaper products contain harmful chemistry like butyl to get your carpet cleaned. An Organic Carpet Cleaning is done with Green Chemicals that are derived from the EPA design for the environment program.

Fragrance Free and Dye Free

Reason 2- If you are sensitive to chemicals and scents then an Organic Carpet Cleaning is a safer solution for your home. Our Organic Carpet Cleaning is fragrance free, dye free, and botanically derived pre-treatment. This solution is safe around kids, pets, and the chemically sensitive.

Safer and More Effective

Reason 3- Organic Carpet Cleaning is not only safer but it can also be more effective than traditional hazardous cleaners. We’ve found with the use of 220 degree steam cleaning and organic chemistry we not only can clean as efficiently but we can out clean the hazardous chemistry. The Botanical pre-treatment does an excellent job at breaking down the spots and traffic lanes for extraction and simply doesn’t leave a harmful residue behind.

It’s important that when you do begin your search for a carpet cleaning company, make sure that they provide Organic Carpet Cleaning. It’s not only safer for you and your family but it is also safer for the Carpet Cleaning technician providing the service.

At UpFront Home Services we offer Organic Carpet Cleaning and an unbelievable Carpet Cleaning experience! Check out our carpet cleaning process here

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