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How To Keep Your Carpet Cleaner Longer

How To Keep Your Carpet Cleaner Longer

Carpet is expensive. Some people think that carpet is inexpensive and doesn’t have any really value, that’s simply not true. Whether you like it or hate it, Carpet is a significant investment in every home. The average cost to replace a single room of carpet is between $300-$750 depending on the materials and angles. 

How do you keep your carpet cleaner longer?

It’s all in consistent and regular maintenance. This means that you should vacuum at least 1-2 times per week. I know it sounds like a lot (it is) but consistent vacuuming keeps dirt off of the surface. By removing surface dirt the carpet won’t abrade as quickly. Fiber abrasion happens when you walk on soiled carpet over and over and it essentially scratches the carpet fiber. Once the fiber is scratched or abraded it begins to reflect the light differently. The difference in the reflection of light is known as traffic lane wear.

What is Traffic Lane Wear?

Traffic lane wear is when your carpet begins to show darkness in the Traffic Lanes that even with Cleaning it never goes back to its original tone. All carpets will do this at some point but consistent maintenance will keep your carpet from going from white to a dark brown tone.

Regular Carpet Cleaning

Just like going to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned, your carpet needs annual and sometimes semiannual cleaning. If you keep up with regularly cleaning your carpet and applying stain protector your carpet will stay cleaner longer. 

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