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How is Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning different than what an individual might do on their own?

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning vs Doing It Yourself, what’s the real difference? This is a great question. I hear all the time about how individuals have tried to clean their tile and grout themselves and it simply took too much time. Not only is time a factor but the actual cleaning an individual can do simply does not compare to what a true professional cleaning can do. So put down the toothbrush and see why you should pick up the phone and hire a professional today.

How is Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning different than what an individual might do on their own?

Professional Training and Years of Experience

Having a professional with experience working on your tile and grout sure beats amateur DIY methods. Experience just goes such a long way in all things in life. I mean you wouldn’t hire a mechanic that’s never worked on a car in their life right? Then why would you hire yourself to do something you’ve never done?

Super Powerful Grout Cleaning Equipment

A professional uses high powered equipment to thoroughly clean your tile and grout. 1200 psi and 220 degrees of steam cleaning is the difference between a professional cleaning and using a baking soda concoction you found on YouTube.

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Chemicals

A professional will utilize Alkaline Chemicals and Acidic Chemicals. Why? Because that’s what it takes to guarantee your tile and grout is as clean as it can possibly get. These chemicals aren’t available to the general public and are key to a awesome cleaning.

Why Choose UpFront Home Services To Clean Your Tile and Grout?

We not only clean your Tile and Grout we also include sealing of the Grout at no charge. That’s right FREE! What could be easier than having us out vs doing it yourself.

At UpFront Home Services we are Houston and Katy’s most inclusive Tile Cleaning Company! Check out our Tile and Grout Cleaning Service Here.

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