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How To Seal Granite

How To Seal Granite

Granite Countertop Sealing is a very easy thing to do yourself if you have the right products and knowledge. Often times it’s not a matter of if you can do it but if you have the time to seal your granite. This article is intended to help the everyday homeowner or even professional learn how to seal Granite.

Start With Prepping The Granite Surface

To get the granite countertop ready to seal you must first clear the countertop of any items. I recommend wiping the area with Crystal Clean or a Neutral Floor Cleaner. Another good product to use is regular windex. I highly recommend using a microfiber towel for wiping down the granite.

What To Do If The Granite Is New

If the Granite Countertops are recent you installed you can proceed to sealing the surface as long as there isn’t any debris on the surface. I recommend the use of a paint pad and a Impregnator Sealer for natural stone. You can pour a little bit of sealer on the countertop and run the paint pad across the surface to spread it. Allow the sealer to sit for the recommended cure time on the bottle. After the Sealant has cured, wipe down the countertops again with a microfiber towel to remove any excess sealer.

Final Finish Buff

I am a particular fan of doing a final buff with a polisher and a lambs wool pad. This gives the surface a smooth finish and helps remove any excess residue that was missed after the final wipe down.

What To Do If The Granite Is Older

Ideally you’re countertops were sealed during the initial construction of your home or the initial installation. If they weren’t the preparation is a little more complex than simply wiping down the countertops. I would start with the initial wipe down, followed by stone scrubbing with a polisher, wiping down again, applying crystallizer and polishing, wiping down, applying sealer, wiping down, and then buffing. In this scenario, I highly recommend calling a professional natural stone polishing service. At UpFront we offer natural stone polishing for all types of surfaces and we can polish and seal your granite countertops.

Katy TX Best Granite Countertop Polishing and Sealing Service

When you hire UpFront Carpet Care you can rest assured that we have the knowledge and expertise to professional polish and seal your Granite. We have completed hundreds of Granite Sealing jobs throughout the Katy TX and Houston TX region. You can trust that when you bring us on to your project we will provide the most professional experience, guaranteed.
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