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Healthy Home Membership

More Savings. More Cleaning. Healthy Home  Membership.

Healthy Home Membership

A New Healthier Way To Do Home Maintenance

The other day I was walking around my definitely lived environment that is effectively a war zone that I call home. I am constantly at war with the slobbering dogs and their potty preferences. I am at war with my young son that has nerf guns everywhere and spills galore. I am always fighting a never ending cleaning battle with the Ducts, Furniture, Rugs, Carpet, Showers, and every single furnishing that could be walked on, stepped on, slept on, or breathed down.

Enough Was Enough. I Needed A Plan. So I Made One.

I sat down and thought about the maintenance intervals and what a typical home needs and what my home needs because of the dogs and little monster I call son… I developed a plan that will keep my home healthier, cleaner, and lasting longer to save me from early replacement costs.

It’s Hard To Do It Yourself.

If you are like me, you find yourself frustrated, desperate, and alone. You’re frustrated because you want to provide your family with a healthy environment that everybody wants to come to and visit year round and not just the holidays. But let’s face it, it’s incredibly difficult to maintain your home without a plan.

A Customized Plan Built To The Specifications Of Your Home!

I know that owning a home can incur costs over the years. Things break, your carpets get stained, dryer vents get clogged, and it’s a lot to keep up with! With your Healthy Home Membership, it is like having cleaning doctor on your homes payroll! You can stop worrying about when it’s time to schedule your next cleanings or maintenance that directly affects your homes air quality. You can finally relax!

Your Healthy Home Membership Includes:

  • A Healthy Home Assessment To Customize A Maintenance Plan To Keep Your Home Healthy & Clean ($99 Value)
  • Annual Dryer Vent Cleaning To Help Prevent A Potential Fire ($170 Value)
  • Fiber Protection and Premium Clear Sealants Included With Every Cleaning To Help Keep Your Furnishings Looking Their Best ($300+ Value)
  • Includes Two Spot Cleaning Visits Per Year For When Life Happens ($180 Value)
  • A Bottle Of Carpet & Upholstery Spotter – Just In Case ($25 Value)
  • Exclusive Member Discounts So You Always Get The Most Savings

Over $700 In Value With Your Healthy Home Membership

Make your home feel brand new and healthy with your Healthy Home Membership.

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