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Air Duct Cleaning Houston – 3 Tips To Find A Trustworthy Air Duct Cleaner

Looking for a trustworthy Air Duct Cleaning provider in Houston is like trying to find a trustworthy general contractor. There are a lot of them out there but very few actually do a good job or stand by their work. But how can you tell the good Air Duct Cleaning Services from the bad ones?

Reality vs Bait and Switch Advertising

Tip #1 – Coupon Mailers, Daily Deals, and just too good to be true advertising should be immediately tossed in the trash. Nobody is going to come into your home and do a good job cleaning your air ducts for $59. By the time the coupon cleaner gets there don’t be surprised if the price jumps to $1,000+. These low priced coupons are exactly how these companies make their money. They bait you with a too good to be true price and switch you to a premium clean because you have “Mold” or your system is too dirty. The Reality is that the average Air Duct Cleaning is around $500 – $750 depending on the amount of vents and units. Simply put, Look for a reputable service that doesn’t push price as their advertising.

Giving a Price Over the Phone vs an In Home Estimate

Tip #2 – A company that is willing to give you a price over the phone for Air Duct Cleaning is more likely to change that price  when they get into your home for the cleaning. Always look for a company that is willing to come out at no charge to take a look at your system and provide you with a firm quote. The companies that provide in home quotes are the most likely to be the real deal.

The Power of The Review

Tip #3 – Lastly, make sure to read reviews on the service provider. Anybody can offer Air Duc Cleaning, but do they do a quality job. It’s easy to get a clue on whether they do or don’t do a good job by looking into the different companies and going over their reviews. 

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