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5 Tips To Find Affordable Carpet Cleaning That Doesn’t Suck! 

It’s hard to know who to trust these days. Do you call the guy on the sign? What about the truck you saw on the free way that simply says Carpet Cleaning? Do you submit your information to a Lead Generation site and get bombarded with calls? Some carpet cleaning companies sound like they have great deals over the phone but is it really an Affordable Carpet Cleaning?

I know, finding an Affordable Carpet Cleaning company that you can trust is hard.


Here are 5 tips to find Affordable Carpet Cleaning That Doesn’t Suck!

Tip # 1 – Dive into all of the different review sites out there. Some of the better sites like Angie’s List, Facebook, and of course Google are the way to go when hunting down a carpet cleaner. The key being to see which companies rank well and how long they have been in business.

Tip # 2 – Ask a friend, because one of the best ways to find an Affordable Carpet Cleaning is to ask your friends who they use. Write down your friends response and research the company on the review sites. It’s easy to take a friend or a relative for their word when hiring a cleaner, but let’s face it everyone’s experience and expectations are always a tad different.

Tip # 3 – When you do narrow down your choice of carpet cleaners give them a call. Ask what’s included in their service, because you always want a cleaner that includes treatment for the spots and stains. A lot of cleaners, especially the lower priced ones charge more to pre-treat the carpet. All the little extras these low end cleaners add on make it expensive vs getting an Affordable Carpet Cleaning.

Tips 4 And 5 Are Key To Finding An Affordable Carpet Cleaning

Tip # 4 – Make sure the Carpet Cleaning company uses Truck Mounted equipment. That said no two truck mount carpet cleaning machines are alike. Some companies use lower end equipment and are able to offer a lower price due to the inferior quality of equipment. Some of the best companies use Direct Drive Truck Mount units. The direct drive unit uses the engine of the van to provide heat, this will give you the most consistent cleaning.

Tip # 5 – If it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true. Also, A lot of companies will quote a low price for Carpet Cleaning over the phone but then tack on a bunch of extras when they get in the door. An Affordable Carpet Cleaning company can be found by doing research and going with the company that isn’t offering you a low price with nothing included in it. By making sure you are getting true Apple to apples quotes you will be able to determine the best possible option for your home.


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