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Tag: Coffee Stain

How To Remove A Coffee Stain From Carpet

When it comes to removing stains from carpet, it is always best to get to the stain while its fresh so that its as simple as possible to remove. This is how we recommend to remove a coffee stain from the carpet that are fresh or dried.


What To Do When The Coffee Stain Is Still Fresh

Always remember to work from the outside of the coffee stain and into the middle of the stain. Take a white terry cloth and blot the stain, I’m particularly fond of using a shop vac vs a towel for quicker removal. Keep blotting or extracting the stain until no more of the stain transfers to the towel. Pour some cold water onto the stained area and extract or continue to blot up the water. You may need to do this several times, but be sure not to over wet the carpet. Once you have removed the contaminates treat the area with a carpet spotter, Amazing Rinse Free Spot All by Pro’s Choice is a must for every household.

What To Do If The Coffee Stain Has Dried


You’re going to want to clean the coffee stained area thoroughly to remove as much contamination as possible. I recommend using Amazing and a little bit of water with either a shop vac or a white towel. After the area is rinsed clean take Stain 1 and apply it liberally to the carpet fibers. I would use a trigger sprayer to apply Stain 1 and walk away. Allow the product to dwell, the coffee stain should disappear immediately or after several hours.

Tips and Cautions:
Always blot or extract dry fibers to be treated before application of Stain 1
To improve Stain 1 Performance cover treated fibers with clear plastic
Always test for color fastness before using

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