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Shower Tile and Grout Cleaning Service : What You Need To Know To Get Professional Job

Have you thought about having a Shower Tile and Grout Cleaning Service come out to get your shower looking it’s best again? Some cleaning services have started to offer Shower Cleaning but once most are done your shower still looks almost like it did when they started. What gives? Well, the reason why is most cleaning services are not a full restoration service for your shower. 

Here’s What You Need To Know To Have Your Shower Tile and Grout Cleaned and Restored


Make Sure They Include Steam Cleaning and Caulking

Lots of handymen offer Caulking as a service but that’s simply not enough. Having the shower professionally steam cleaned before having the shower caulked will help prevent mildewing from reoccurring. Always make sure that steam cleaning is included with any caulking services.

Latex, Silicone, Sanded, What Caulk is Best?

For Shower Caulking I always recommend using pure Silicone as it is the most mildew resistant. Latex caulk however has no place in a shower and will fail quickly. If Aesthetics is your main concern Sanded Caulk can be really nice. Sanded caulk also has a built in antimicrobial which will help keep your showers caulk clean long term. Really when it comes to deciding what caulk to put in your shower, the main focus is what will look the very best. 

Utilizing Proper Chemistry

Shower Tile and Grout Cleaning can be really tricky. Some showers have man made tiles and others have natural stone tiles. Man made tiles like ceramic or porcelain can handle more aggressive treatments like acid to relieve soap scum, where as natural stone can not have acid used. Making sure to utilize proper chemistry will keep the shower from becoming damaged during the cleaning. Always make sure that the shower tile and grout cleaning service professional knows how to identify the type of tile you have and that they have the knowledge and experience to properly clean and caulk your shower. 


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