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What Makes UpFront Home Services Different Than Other Carpet Cleaning Companies?

Sometimes we are asked the question, what makes us different than other carpet cleaning companies? To be perfectly honest, this is our favorite question. This questions means you are really researching and wanting to get to know who is coming into your home and what exactly they are going to do for the price.

Here Are Just Some Of The Things That Make UpFront Home Services Different Than Other Carpet Cleaning Companies

We Provide Property Protection

With UpFront Home Services we want to leave your home in better shape than it was when we got there. To do this we use Moving Blankets to protect your wood and tile floors at step off or transition points. We use corner guards to protect your walls from potential hose damage when hoses are being pulled from one room to the next. We use special straps to keep our hoses from falling down your stairs while we clean up stairs. When we move items of furniture we will place those items in a safe area while your carpet drys and put blocks underneath the legs if left on the carpet.

Some Furniture Moving Is Already Included

In our pricing we already include moving of items such as sofas, chairs, and other light items of furniture upon request. Some carpet cleaning companies only clean the exposed areas in their pricing and charge more to move any pieces of furniture. 

We Include More Than Just Pre-Spotting

Some carpet cleaning companies will only Pre-Spot meaning they will only treat individual spots. We treat the entire Carpet with an Eco-Friendly Pre-Spray designed to safely break down all of the soiling in the traffic lanes as well as the spots and spills. 

Our Pet Enzyme Treatment Is Standard

In our cleaning packages our Pet Enzyme Treatment is standard. This means we already include something to help treat your carpet for mild pet urine and odor issues. Sometimes a stronger treatment such as our Kill Odor Plus May be necessary and if that is the case our technicians will make an honest recommendation. Most carpet cleaning companies charge more for a Pet Enzyme Treatment, and by more we mean a lot more. We have found that a large majority of our clients have pets and this is a crucial reason why they have their carpet cleaned.

We Have The Only Steam Cleaning Machine Like This One In Texas

Our CDS X-Drive is truly one of a kind. We made a substantial investment into all of our equipment and went with the Greenest and most environmentally friendly machine available. The CDS X-Drive creates 230+ degrees of hot steam to thoroughly clean your carpets and is electrically driven by the Vans engine. This means it has the power of our ford transit with much less of an environmental impact as other truck mounted equipment. 

We Offer Allergy and Chemical Sensitive Cleaning Solutions

If you have bad allergies, chemical sensitivities, or just want a clean that is actually clean and not driven by fragrances or soaps, we have a cleaning solution for that. Our Impact Carpet Cleaning Pre-Spray is botanically made, has no soaps, butyl, voc, and is fragrance free. We have used this product in even the most sensitive of environments and it is truly safe and extremely effective. Most Carpet Cleaning companies simply don’t have the chemical knowledge that we do to provide you with a safe and Green Cleaning.

We Are Aggie Owned and Veteran Founded

We honor the high morals of both our Armed Forces and work towards excellence like our fellow Aggies. When you do business with us you are more than just another client, you are what makes us succeed. The level of appreciation we have for you the customer is apparent from the minute you call in for a quote to when you have one of our service technicians out. You will see that we actually care about doing a good job and making you happy. Finding a carpet cleaning company that truly cares is especially difficult in today’s society. 

At UpFront Home Services we offer Carpet Cleaning Services In Katy and the entire Houston area! Check out our Carpet Cleaning Service Here

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