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Best Carpet Cleaning Company – 3 Things To Look For When Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Service

How can you find the Best Carpet Cleaning Company? Let’s be honest, Carpet Cleaning isn’t exactly a glamorous profession or a licensed trade. Carpet Cleaning doesn’t require any type of licenses but make no mistake it is a skill and a trade profession. What makes it difficult to hire a Carpet Cleaner is it’s hard to sift through the good, the bad, and the great Carpet Cleaners.

Here Are 3 Things To Look For When Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Service

Check Out The Reviews

1 – I can’t say this enough about any service, read the Reviews before hiring! Finding the Best Carpet Cleaning Company can be as simple as going on Google or Angie’s List and sifting through good companies with great reviews. Reviews can play a significant factor but even good and bad Carpet Cleaners can have good reviews. Pro Tip: Always check multiple sites for reviews. 

What Should Be Offered By The Best Carpet Cleaning Company

2 – The difference between a good Carpet Cleaner and the best Carpet Cleaner can be boiled down to what they actually offer and include for their clients. For example a good carpet cleaner offers pre-conditioning of the carpet. However the Best Carpet Cleaning Company not only offers pre-conditioning, they also offer post-spotting of any stains that didn’t come out during the initial clean. Another point of difference between good and best is the best Cleaner will offer a premium package consisting of vacuuming and pre-scrubbing / rotary cleaning. Some furniture moving should also be offered to clients, the good and the best cleaners usually include this in their base pricing. 

Best Carpet Cleaning CompanyThey Are Carpet Cleaning Specialists

3 – From maid services to landscaping almost any company can offer Carpet Cleaning Services. The Best Carpet Cleaning Company however treats Carpet Cleaning as their core service. This means that while they may offer other services such as upholstery cleaning a majority of their business still comes from cleaning carpets. An easy way to tell if you’re dealing with a Carpet Specialist is by reading their reviews and seeing if Carpet is mentioned often. You can also ask questions specifically about the unit they are using. You should always ask the company you are considering if they are Truck Mount Steam Cleaners. The reason you should ask if they are Truck Mount is because there are companies that use very low moisture cleaning techniques with buffers or they use small portable cleaners like rug doctors. There is nothing that compares however to a high quality Truck Mount Steam Cleaning unit.

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