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Pet Odor & Stain Removal

At UpFront Home Services we offer a wide array of Pet Odor and Stain Treatment options.  Most mild pet odors can be cleaned with just our standard cleaning agents. As the odors get  more severe the treatment process changes. We use a Urine Detection light like the one shown  above to locate the Urine and directly treat it.

Phase 1 Pet Treatment

For Mild to Moderate Pet Urine and Odor Problems. The Pet Treatment is added into our pre spray and we treat the entire carpeted area with it. This is a really cost effective way to solve  most urine odor issues.

Phase 2 Pet Treatment

For Moderate to Severe Pet Urine and Odor Problems. Our Pet Treatment is applied full  strength onto the urine spots throughout the home that we locate with our Pet Urine Detection Light. The treatment is applied to every spot. We then recreate the way the stains are formed  and scrub the treatment in manually. The entire carpet is then treated with the Phase 1 Pet  Treatment as well to further distribute the Pet Treatment.

Phase 3 Pet Treatment

This is for the worst of the worst pet problems where the urine has totally saturated the  padding. It involves Application of our Phase 1 and Phase 2 Pet Treatments for cleaning as well  as removal and replacement of the carpet padding below. This is the absolute deepest level of  pet treatment available. Very rarely does a Phase 3 Pet Treatment need to be accomplished but  it is available if needed.

Pet Odor and Stain Removal For Upholstery

Upholstery can be tricky when it comes to treatment for urine. Some upholstery has down  feathers which once saturated with urine can become extremely difficult to remove the odor.  We offer an off site upholstery cleaning option where we will pick up your couch and redeliver  your upholstery when completed. Most upholstery however can be treated on site with our Kill  Odor Plus or Ecocide Treatments. We often find that most odor issues on Upholstery are Pet  Dander related and are easily cleaned with our Kill Odor Plus Treatment.


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