Does Your Carpet In Katy Need A Repair Or Seam Patch?

Over time your carpet may become overly warn or frayed. Pets may dig of chew carpet areas that have had food or drink spilled in the past. Even a small tear can become a big problem if left not repaired. Your carpet is one of the most expensive investments and  first noticed decor in your home. It will cost less to have small areas patched to like new instead of having new carpet put in.

Upfront Home Services has years of experience in Katy carpet repair, seam fixing and patching. We can restore your carpet’s rough areas to like new again. Don’t waste money on complete carpet replacement by leaving damaged areas uncorrected. We can evaluate the best fix for that problem spot and patch it up!

Seam Repair

Moving furniture, just moving into a new home, moisture and humidity can cause your carpet to lose it’s hold at the seams over time. Loose or separated seams can cause the area to fray and become a tripping hazard and a big problem for the vacuum cleaner. These annoying separations can become a real eye sore and can also attract your over active pet’s attention making it a bigger problem.

Upfront Home Services is equipped with the professional tools and experience in Katy for carpet repair, seam fixing and patching glue exposed carpet seams. Don’t let that carpet seam get any worse. Contact us today for an estimate on Katy area carpet repair, seam fixing, or carpet patching.

Our dispatch department is standing by, ready to schedule your appointment today! Our highly trained technicians are experienced repairing all types of carpet in the Katy areas. You know you need it fixed, and we want to repair it!

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