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Rug Cleaning Services – 3 Signs It’s Time For Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rugs are often the most overlooked textile in any home. The colors and fabric types often hide the spots exceptionally well. Determining when it’s time to clean your area rug can be pretty difficult but not impossible to determine. Utilizing Rug Cleaning Services often can be the difference between replacement and keeping a rug long term.

Here Are 3 Signs It’s Time For Rug Cleaning Cleaning Services

It’s Been Awhile…

1 – Sometimes the easiest way to determine whether it’s time is simply by thinking back to how long you’ve had the rugs and when the last time was that you had Rug Cleaning Services. If it’s been over 2 years, it is definitely time. Most rugs depending on traffic and vacuuming can be cleaned once every couple years. My preference is to have Rug Cleaning Services completed for most rugs at least once per year. 

The Rug  Smells…

2 – The easiest indicator you need Rug Cleaning Services is If the Area Rugs have started to smell. Most homes in the Katy and Houston Area have pets. Animals tend to love to treat Area Rugs as their own personal restroom. If a rug has started to smell like urine it is definitely time to have the rug either cleaned in home or picked up for a more thorough cleaning and deodorization process.

Your Rug Has Spots and Stains…

3 – If your rug fails the visual inspection test, meaning there are tons of little spots and spills it is definitely time for Rug Cleaning Services. Some rugs can hide spots and spills better than others but usually it’s easy to see where a spill has occurred or where a traffic lane pattern has begun to form.


Bonus Tip:

Perform Rug Cleaning Services Even If A Rug Appears Clean. Cleaning your area rugs often will keep them looking and feeling like new long term. We recommend an application of Stain Protector after every cleaning.

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