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Carpet Cleaning Services – The Difference Between Carpet Cleaning Methods and Equipment


It seems like nowadays everybody knows somebody that offers carpet cleaning services. Just because someone offers the carpet cleaning doesn’t mean much. Is this person really any good, do they have good equipment, do they offer the best method of cleaning?

The Method of Carpet Cleaning Services

The highest regarded cleaning method is Hot Water Extraction aka Steam Cleaning. The lesser known methods are Dry Shampoo Cleaning aka Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning / VLM (Very Low Moisture), and Carbonated Carpet Cleaning.

When having your Carpet Cleaned we suggest using Hot Water Extraction, not just because it’s the most recommended method by Carpet manufactures but also because it won’t void your carpets warranty.

When looking for Carpet Cleaning Services it is always best that your first question is “What Method Of Carpet Cleaning do you use?” If they say anything other than Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning, call another company. 

The Equipment

Basically there are several different  types of equipment out there that can professionally clean carpet. We’ve all seen the Rug Doctors at the store, well they also make commercial size portable machines for professionals. Normally portable equipment is utilized in hard to reach places like stores or high rises. However, some entry level cleaners use portables to clean as well.

Portable equipment can be used to complete Hot Water Extraction but they simply don’t provide the same quality as a Truck Mount. The heat from the Truck Mount water helps break down the soiling and allows for easy extraction providing a higher quality clean.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Services use Floor Buffers to clean the carpet. These types of machines can void your carpets warranty. However, Floor machines may be used for restoration purposes when mixed with Hot Water Extraction.

Pro Tip: Verify The Brand of Truck Mounted Equipment the professional Cleaner has. The best equipment brands are Sapphire Scientific, Pro-Chem, Hydramaster, and Butler. There are a lot of cleaners with off brand equipment that simply doesn’t perform the way these main brands of equipment perform.

Why Hot Water Extraction?

When you take a shower you use hot water and shampoo / body wash or soap to clean yourself and rinse yourself off. Hot Water Extraction is very similar to taking a shower. Other methods simply leave the dirt behind.

At UpFront Home Services we provide Carpet Cleaning Services In Katy and the entire Houston area! Check out our Carpet Cleaning Service Here

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What to Look for in a Carpet Repair Company

When it comes to Carpet Repair whether it’s a rip, a seam coming undone, a wrinkle, or your dog or cat damaging your carpet, we have seen it and fixed it all. Finding a repair specialist can be difficult but not impossible. 

What To Look For In A Carpet Repair Specialist

Do They Guarantee Their Work

1 – A rock solid guarantee is important with any type of Repair. There are a lot of handymen out there that can really botch a simple Carpet Patching Job. It’s important when you are looking to have a repair done in your home that you hire a company with a strong Guarantee and not just the lowest price.

They Have The Right Equipment 

2 – They have the right tools to complete the job. The best Carpet Repair Specialists invest in Power Stretchers made by Crane or Roberts, Knee Kickers, Seam Irons, and many other tools to complete a flawless repair. The best carpet patches and pet damage repairs are done with a Kool Glide. A Kool Glide is a specialty repair tool that eliminates the need for high heat and glue. If you’re having a Carpet Patch done, the Kool Glide is the tool you want used in your home. If you’re dealing with a wrinkle in the carpet and you need it stretched, you will want the Carpet Repair Specialist to use a Power Stretcher and a knee kicker if necessary. The reasoning behind using a Power Stretcher is to get the excess carpet which creates the wrinkle as stretched as possible. 

They Have The Reviews and Experience

3 – Lots of guys claim to be Carpet Repair experts when the most they have ever actually done is watch a video on YouTube. My suggestion is to verify the companies experience by reading reviews and asking questions about their experience. 

Make Sure To Have Extra Carpet

4- If your dog tore the carpet in a door way and you need Carpet Repair, it is necessary that you have an exact match of carpet to complete this repair. I suggest pulling from a small closet if you don’t have any spare carpet in the attic or the garage. If you need to pull carpet from the closet I suggest purchasing a remnant piece of carpet that is fairly close to the other carpet in your home and having specialist install it for you.

Have They Been Professionally Trained

5 – There are many ways to learn how to complete Repairs specific to Carpets but the best is by taking an IICRC training course. Some companies add carpet repair to their list of services and simply sub contract it out to a guy that says he knows how to fix carpet but in all reality doesn’t have the appropriate knowledge to complete even the most basic repair properly. Always check to see what kind of training technicians go through to begin to provide Carpet Repair.

At UpFront Home Services we provide Carpet Repair In Katy and the entire Houston area! Check out our Carpet Stretching and Repair Service Here

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Why do we love Katy? Whether it’s shopping at Katy Mills Mall or the Rice Festival, Katy has it all. With it being so close to Texas A&M we also get to service a lot of our fellow Aggies. We service the entire Houston area. Want to learn more about the City of Katy Click Here

Best Carpet Cleaning Company – 3 Things To Look For When Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Service

How can you find the Best Carpet Cleaning Company? Let’s be honest, Carpet Cleaning isn’t exactly a glamorous profession or a licensed trade. Carpet Cleaning doesn’t require any type of licenses but make no mistake it is a skill and a trade profession. What makes it difficult to hire a Carpet Cleaner is it’s hard to sift through the good, the bad, and the great Carpet Cleaners.

Here Are 3 Things To Look For When Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Service

Check Out The Reviews

1 – I can’t say this enough about any service, read the Reviews before hiring! Finding the Best Carpet Cleaning Company can be as simple as going on Google or Angie’s List and sifting through good companies with great reviews. Reviews can play a significant factor but even good and bad Carpet Cleaners can have good reviews. Pro Tip: Always check multiple sites for reviews. 

What Should Be Offered By The Best Carpet Cleaning Company

2 – The difference between a good Carpet Cleaner and the best Carpet Cleaner can be boiled down to what they actually offer and include for their clients. For example a good carpet cleaner offers pre-conditioning of the carpet. However the Best Carpet Cleaning Company not only offers pre-conditioning, they also offer post-spotting of any stains that didn’t come out during the initial clean. Another point of difference between good and best is the best Cleaner will offer a premium package consisting of vacuuming and pre-scrubbing / rotary cleaning. Some furniture moving should also be offered to clients, the good and the best cleaners usually include this in their base pricing. 

Best Carpet Cleaning CompanyThey Are Carpet Cleaning Specialists

3 – From maid services to landscaping almost any company can offer Carpet Cleaning Services. The Best Carpet Cleaning Company however treats Carpet Cleaning as their core service. This means that while they may offer other services such as upholstery cleaning a majority of their business still comes from cleaning carpets. An easy way to tell if you’re dealing with a Carpet Specialist is by reading their reviews and seeing if Carpet is mentioned often. You can also ask questions specifically about the unit they are using. You should always ask the company you are considering if they are Truck Mount Steam Cleaners. The reason you should ask if they are Truck Mount is because there are companies that use very low moisture cleaning techniques with buffers or they use small portable cleaners like rug doctors. There is nothing that compares however to a high quality Truck Mount Steam Cleaning unit.

At UpFront Home Services we are The Best Carpet Cleaning Company In Katy and provide an amazing Carpet Cleaning experience! Check out our carpet cleaning process here

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Why do we love Katy? The school and The old town feel. Katy really is still rural at heart but has a big city feel as well. With Katy being so close to Texas A&M we also get to service a lot of our fellow Aggies. We service the entire Houston area. Want to learn more about the City of Katy Click Here

Organic Carpet Cleaning – Why Go Green?

A healthy home starts with cleaning the largest filter in your home, the carpet. Your carpet holds all kinds of allergens and debris that vacuuming alone simply doesn’t remove. To properly sanitize a thorough steam cleaning is recommended. The problem is when you simply opt for the best price (often harmful chemicals) vs finding an Organic Carpet Cleaning company.

Here Are 3 Reasons Why You Should Go With Organic Carpet Cleaning

Reason 1- No harmful Residues left behind. The cheaper carpet cleaners simply can’t afford the better products in your home. So what does a cheap cleaner use, the cheap products. Often times the cheaper products contain harmful chemistry like butyl to get your carpet cleaned. An Organic Carpet Cleaning is done with Green Chemicals that are derived from the EPA design for the environment program.

Fragrance Free and Dye Free

Reason 2- If you are sensitive to chemicals and scents then an Organic Carpet Cleaning is a safer solution for your home. Our Organic Carpet Cleaning is fragrance free, dye free, and botanically derived pre-treatment. This solution is safe around kids, pets, and the chemically sensitive.

Safer and More Effective

Reason 3- Organic Carpet Cleaning is not only safer but it can also be more effective than traditional hazardous cleaners. We’ve found with the use of 220 degree steam cleaning and organic chemistry we not only can clean as efficiently but we can out clean the hazardous chemistry. The Botanical pre-treatment does an excellent job at breaking down the spots and traffic lanes for extraction and simply doesn’t leave a harmful residue behind.

It’s important that when you do begin your search for a carpet cleaning company, make sure that they provide Organic Carpet Cleaning. It’s not only safer for you and your family but it is also safer for the Carpet Cleaning technician providing the service.

At UpFront Home Services we offer Organic Carpet Cleaning and an unbelievable Carpet Cleaning experience! Check out our carpet cleaning process here

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Same Day Carpet Cleaning – When You’re In A Rush Here’s What You Need To Do

Accidents happen, poor quality cleaners don’t show up, and sometimes you’re in a crunch. We’ve all experienced the need for something now and not later. But when it comes to getting Same Day Carpet Cleaning it may be a lot harder than you think.

Here’s What You Need To Do When You Need Same Day Carpet Cleaning

Tip 1 – Look For Same Day Carpet Cleaning by searching for “Carpet Cleaning” and your zip code. Once you do this Google will show you a list of cleaners that are really close to your home. Read the reviews and determine if this cleaner is for you. Try to pick 2-3 cleaners to call just in case 1 can’t get to you. Not only will you be able to find same day carpet cleaning but also you will find a good carpet cleaner. Heck, even scrolling through a site like Angie’s List will help, just find a source for a quality cleaner.

It’s All In What You Say

Tip 2 – Sometimes carpet cleaners are busy, especially during the holidays. But if you say the right things you may be able to talk your way onto the schedule. Example: If your child had an accident be up front about it and tell the person who answered the phone for you what happened. Honestly, we get it, kids have accidents or get sick. A carpet cleaner will be more willing to squeeze you in for a Same Day Carpet Cleaning if you’re honest with them. The moral here is to be honest about your situation, the worst thing a cleaner can say is no.

Be Generous

Tip 3 – if all else fails, offer to pay a little more. Being generous and understanding of another persons time goes a very long with carpet cleaners and pretty much anybody in this world. A little generosity will tip the scales if all else fails and get you that Same Day Carpet Cleaning you’ve been hunting for.

Bonus Tip – Hunt Early in the morning for a Same Day Carpet Cleaning. If you start too late it won’t matter what you say or do it is exceptionally unlike you will find a Carpet Cleaner if your timing isn’t just right.


At UpFront Home Services we provide Same Day Carpet Cleaning Houston Service and an amazing Carpet Cleaning experience! Check out our carpet cleaning process here

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Why do we love Houston? It’s the sense of community. Houston really is a giant melting pot of cultures and people. With it being so close to Texas A&M we also get to service a lot of our fellow Aggies. We service the entire Houston area. Want to learn more about the City of Houston Click Here

5 Tips To Find Affordable Carpet Cleaning That Doesn’t Suck! 

It’s hard to know who to trust these days. Do you call the guy on the sign? What about the truck you saw on the free way that simply says Carpet Cleaning? Do you submit your information to a Lead Generation site and get bombarded with calls? Some carpet cleaning companies sound like they have great deals over the phone but is it really an Affordable Carpet Cleaning?

I know, finding an Affordable Carpet Cleaning company that you can trust is hard.


Here are 5 tips to find Affordable Carpet Cleaning That Doesn’t Suck!

Tip # 1 – Dive into all of the different review sites out there. Some of the better sites like Angie’s List, Facebook, and of course Google are the way to go when hunting down a carpet cleaner. The key being to see which companies rank well and how long they have been in business.

Tip # 2 – Ask a friend, because one of the best ways to find an Affordable Carpet Cleaning is to ask your friends who they use. Write down your friends response and research the company on the review sites. It’s easy to take a friend or a relative for their word when hiring a cleaner, but let’s face it everyone’s experience and expectations are always a tad different.

Tip # 3 – When you do narrow down your choice of carpet cleaners give them a call. Ask what’s included in their service, because you always want a cleaner that includes treatment for the spots and stains. A lot of cleaners, especially the lower priced ones charge more to pre-treat the carpet. All the little extras these low end cleaners add on make it expensive vs getting an Affordable Carpet Cleaning.

Tips 4 And 5 Are Key To Finding An Affordable Carpet Cleaning

Tip # 4 – Make sure the Carpet Cleaning company uses Truck Mounted equipment. That said no two truck mount carpet cleaning machines are alike. Some companies use lower end equipment and are able to offer a lower price due to the inferior quality of equipment. Some of the best companies use Direct Drive Truck Mount units. The direct drive unit uses the engine of the van to provide heat, this will give you the most consistent cleaning.

Tip # 5 – If it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true. Also, A lot of companies will quote a low price for Carpet Cleaning over the phone but then tack on a bunch of extras when they get in the door. An Affordable Carpet Cleaning company can be found by doing research and going with the company that isn’t offering you a low price with nothing included in it. By making sure you are getting true Apple to apples quotes you will be able to determine the best possible option for your home.


At UpFront Home Services we provide the more value and an Affordable Carpet Cleaning experience! Check out our Carpet Cleaning Process Here

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