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Carpet Cleaning Services – The Difference Between Carpet Cleaning Methods and Equipment


It seems like nowadays everybody knows somebody that offers carpet cleaning services. Just because someone offers the carpet cleaning doesn’t mean much. Is this person really any good, do they have good equipment, do they offer the best method of cleaning?

The Method of Carpet Cleaning Services

The highest regarded cleaning method is Hot Water Extraction aka Steam Cleaning. The lesser known methods are Dry Shampoo Cleaning aka Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning / VLM (Very Low Moisture), and Carbonated Carpet Cleaning.

When having your Carpet Cleaned we suggest using Hot Water Extraction, not just because it’s the most recommended method by Carpet manufactures but also because it won’t void your carpets warranty.

When looking for Carpet Cleaning Services it is always best that your first question is “What Method Of Carpet Cleaning do you use?” If they say anything other than Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning, call another company. 

The Equipment

Basically there are several different  types of equipment out there that can professionally clean carpet. We’ve all seen the Rug Doctors at the store, well they also make commercial size portable machines for professionals. Normally portable equipment is utilized in hard to reach places like stores or high rises. However, some entry level cleaners use portables to clean as well.

Portable equipment can be used to complete Hot Water Extraction but they simply don’t provide the same quality as a Truck Mount. The heat from the Truck Mount water helps break down the soiling and allows for easy extraction providing a higher quality clean.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Services use Floor Buffers to clean the carpet. These types of machines can void your carpets warranty. However, Floor machines may be used for restoration purposes when mixed with Hot Water Extraction.

Pro Tip: Verify The Brand of Truck Mounted Equipment the professional Cleaner has. The best equipment brands are Sapphire Scientific, Pro-Chem, Hydramaster, and Butler. There are a lot of cleaners with off brand equipment that simply doesn’t perform the way these main brands of equipment perform.

Why Hot Water Extraction?

When you take a shower you use hot water and shampoo / body wash or soap to clean yourself and rinse yourself off. Hot Water Extraction is very similar to taking a shower. Other methods simply leave the dirt behind.

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