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What to Look for in a Carpet Repair Company

When it comes to Carpet Repair whether it’s a rip, a seam coming undone, a wrinkle, or your dog or cat damaging your carpet, we have seen it and fixed it all. Finding a repair specialist can be difficult but not impossible. 

What To Look For In A Carpet Repair Specialist

Do They Guarantee Their Work

1 – A rock solid guarantee is important with any type of Repair. There are a lot of handymen out there that can really botch a simple Carpet Patching Job. It’s important when you are looking to have a repair done in your home that you hire a company with a strong Guarantee and not just the lowest price.

They Have The Right Equipment 

2 – They have the right tools to complete the job. The best Carpet Repair Specialists invest in Power Stretchers made by Crane or Roberts, Knee Kickers, Seam Irons, and many other tools to complete a flawless repair. The best carpet patches and pet damage repairs are done with a Kool Glide. A Kool Glide is a specialty repair tool that eliminates the need for high heat and glue. If you’re having a Carpet Patch done, the Kool Glide is the tool you want used in your home. If you’re dealing with a wrinkle in the carpet and you need it stretched, you will want the Carpet Repair Specialist to use a Power Stretcher and a knee kicker if necessary. The reasoning behind using a Power Stretcher is to get the excess carpet which creates the wrinkle as stretched as possible. 

They Have The Reviews and Experience

3 – Lots of guys claim to be Carpet Repair experts when the most they have ever actually done is watch a video on YouTube. My suggestion is to verify the companies experience by reading reviews and asking questions about their experience. 

Make Sure To Have Extra Carpet

4- If your dog tore the carpet in a door way and you need Carpet Repair, it is necessary that you have an exact match of carpet to complete this repair. I suggest pulling from a small closet if you don’t have any spare carpet in the attic or the garage. If you need to pull carpet from the closet I suggest purchasing a remnant piece of carpet that is fairly close to the other carpet in your home and having specialist install it for you.

Have They Been Professionally Trained

5 – There are many ways to learn how to complete Repairs specific to Carpets but the best is by taking an IICRC training course. Some companies add carpet repair to their list of services and simply sub contract it out to a guy that says he knows how to fix carpet but in all reality doesn’t have the appropriate knowledge to complete even the most basic repair properly. Always check to see what kind of training technicians go through to begin to provide Carpet Repair.

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