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How Much To Clean Air Ducts – What Does It Really Cost

How much to clean air ductsYou’re probably looking at your Air Vents right now and wondering How much to clean Air Ducts? Air Duct Cleaning pricing can be significantly different from company to company. Some companies “charge” $59 to clean a whole house, others charge by the number of units, some charge by the number of vents, but most charge by the number of vents and units in a home.

How Much To Clean Air Ducts? 

Honestly, it’s a tough question to answer without looking into your Air Ducts. The best way to determine How Much To Clean Air Ducts is quite simply to look into your Ducts and determine the best and safest method to clean them. 

Why Do I See Prices Everywhere Saying How Much To Clean Air Ducts Then?

Simple, they advertise price to get into your door and sell you more. Realistically there isn’t a service company out there that can survive on $59 Air Duct Cleaning specials. When a low price is involved you can often expect shoddy workmanship and a scam. Unfortunately the low price is advertised everywhere and it begins to come what the consumer perceives as the norm for pricing. Don’t be fooled by these types of ads, call a pro in to have a look to provide a quote that is specific to your system. 

Wait… So How Much To Clean Air Ducts?

It really depends on several factors but on average you can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $1500 or More depending on the size of your home, how many units, how many vents, and the condition of your system. The main consideration should always be if it is even safe to clean your air ducts or not.

How much to clean air ductsWhat Makes It Unsafe To Clean Air Ducts?

Some ducts simply can’t holdup in the cleaning process. If they are too old, too filled with dust, or have way too many contaminates such as excessive mildew then it may be unsafe to clean. There are some situations where Cleaning simply doesn’t make sense and duct replacement may be necessary.

At UpFront Home Services we provide an honest assessment of your Air Ducts and can then tell you How Much To Clean Air Ducts As well as provide an amazing service experience! Check out our Air Duct Cleaning Service Here

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