Pressure Washing Service in Katy TX

Pressure Washing Service Houston and Katy TX6 Step Katy Pressure Washing Process:

1. Pre-Inspection

We carefully inspect the areas to be Cleaned to determine the type of chemistry necessary and the proper cleaning method required. Our experts will use Pressure Washing or Soft Washing depending on the surface being cleaned.

2. Surface Preparation

We thoroughly protect and blow away any debris necessary to prep the areas for pre-treatment around your home in Katy that you want to be cleaned.

3. Pre-Treatment

We pre-treat your surfaces in with the appropriate cleaning solution. By using the safest chemistry available we will have appropriately prepped your home for our Pressure Washing Services in Katy.

4. Pressure Washing / Soft Washing

We proceed to rinse with the appropriate pressure and leave the surface as clean as possible.

5. Post Spotting

After the Pressure Washing if any Stains are still present, we will treat them with our specialty stain lifters to attempt removal.

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We Pressure Wash The Following Surfaces

Concrete Patios and Driveways – Fences – Houses – Pool Decks – Brick – Siding – More


  1. We will wear gloves when servicing your home
  2. We are disinfecting our tools, hoses, and equipment in between every service appointment
  3. We are exercising social distancing and adhering to CDC best practices regarding sick employees
  4. We are offering no-contact service
  5. We include application of EPA Registered Disinfectant with every service
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