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Natural Stone Polishing

Step 1: In Home Site Visit:

All Natural Stone Polishing projects begin with a site visit  to see the stone we are working with and check for any  potential problem areas as well as coatings on the floor.  During this step we will determine a customized care plan  to meet the needs of your floor.

Step 2: Area Preparation:

We will use moving blankets and plastic with blue painters  tape to protect your home as needed. Natural stone polishing can be a messy process, but we will do our due  diligence to protect your home from this.

Step 3: Cleaning:

We utilize a natural stone cleaning agent to thoroughly  clean your floors with the proper pH and chemistry. Our  truck mount steam cleaning units will then steam rinse  your floors with high pressure to get them as clean as  possible in preparation for polishing.

Step 4: Diamond Polishing:

Natural Stone that is etched or scratched can be restored only by the use of Diamond Polishing Pads underneath a rotary floor machine. Diamond polishing pads work to remove a slight amount of the stones surface to get below  the etches and scratches in the floor. In a way, this process is similar to sanding wood except water is used to contain  the dust. A Polish is achieved by using multiple pads or grits to cut the damage away and bring up the shine.

Step 5: Sealing:

This is the final step in the stone cleaning and polishing  process. Our solvent based impregnator sealer is applied  to the surface to help protect it from future stains.

Step 6: Post Inspection:

We will do a walk through inspection of the areas before we leave the home and give you some tips on how to  maintain your stones.

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